Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Walk In My Shoes

Beth Moore frequently has an event that is only for "preacher's wives". Last year she asked the pw's who were there what they thought she should know. Then, they made video's out of some of the responses.

If you are a member of the church we serve now, or have been a member of a church that we have served in the past, know that while not everyone of these statements could have been mine, many, many, many of them are them are very much things that I have said....even if only to myself.

Even if you aren't someone who attends a church that hubs and I have served, I encourage you to watch these video's. It will take 12 minutes of your time......but it will probably give you insight into your pw that you've never had before.

Click here to go check it out.... Take a Walk in the shoes of a pw!

I am holding out hope that Beth Moore is going to have another Pastors Wives Conference. I so would love to go. So far, I've not found any information on one for 2011.

But I'm hoping.....

in HIM-

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Pamela said...

Thanks for sharing. Although I am not a pastor's wife, I married into a family of pastors. My father-in-law ("dad" to me and now deceased), and two brothers-in law are/were pastors. My best friend is a pastor's wife...although they no longer live close by.

I have not personally experienced what they go through but have seen it close up and know what they are talking about. The church (people are the church) can be cruel and they can be good. I once had my pastor at the time ask me to help teach the people how to treat the pastor and his family. They were leaving the church at the time. It broke my heart but he knew that I understood. He didn't want the next pastor and his family to go through what he and his family had gone through.

I say a big THANK YOU to all the pastor's wives out there.