Monday, November 15, 2010

A Month of Thanks - Prayer Time

Can I just tell y'all what I am so thankful for tonight?

I absolutely love prayer time with my kids.

With B, it's the "Now I lay me down to sleep...." prayer. I say a line and he repeats it. At the end we add - " I love you God, Amen". There is nothing more precious that hearing a two year old pray. I know he doesn't exactly understand what he is doing but it is setting the foundation. LOVE IT.

With the girls, as they got a bit older we stopped using the rote prayer. Instead, we asked them to answer three question....

"What are you thankful to God for today?"
"What do you want to tell God you are sorry for today?"
"What do you want God to help you do better?"

In the last year, I've begun asking them to pray and just talk to God. They still answer these questions but sometimes they go on and tell God other things. It is such a precious time for me. I really get to hear them talk to God. It is amazing to me to really see that they are developing a relationship with God. I love it when they really tell God something that they can identify that was sin in their lives that day and can honestly tell God they are sorry for it.
I love it when they ask God to help them be nicer to their sisters.
I love it when M asks God to help people in jail get out......such innocence. I LOVE IT.

I love prayer time. As they get older, I hope that we will just leave the questions off altogether and have real honest, heartfelt prayer time. It is a wonderful thing that I am truly thankful that I get to share in right now. I know that prayer times together will probably end at some point..... I pray it won't, that I can always have open prayer times with me kids, but I'm already worried about those teenage years.... SO, right now,I cherish these prayer times!

in HIM-

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