Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Month of Thanks - My Hubs!

On the last night of a Month of Thanks, it is only fitting that I tell you that I am thankful for my husband!

He is the best Dad in the world.....if you don't believe me ask my kids.
They will tell you.
*He gives more baths than I do.
*He plays in the floor with them....wrestling and rough housing.
Which they all love.
*He and M have a Daddy/ Daughter Day planned
for Saturday. They are going biking. =)
I love that he is doing this with her! Cant wait to see what
is planned with the rest!
*He does dishes!
*He does floors!
*When the power went out tonight, he searched for the
matches and the candles for me.
*He tries to work his schedule out to be able
to be home with B if I have an appointment.

*He is an awesome pastor and leader!
*He preaches awesome sermons!
*He's my opposite in almost every way- but God knew what he was doing.
Even though this can be a bit hard at time, I learn from him.

These are only a few of the reasons why I'm thankful for my hubs!
I love you, K!

in HIM-


Ginger said...

You are definitely spoiled! ;) Love you!

Sandy said...

I enjoy your blog. Congratulations on winning the Silly Sisters book from Erica!