Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Month of Thanks - Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Yesterday, I was so busy getting things ready for today that I never got wrote my thankful
post last night. BUT I had lots to be thankful for yesterday!
1--A morning trip to my favorite grocery store with my sweet friend!
The place was so crowed.....but at least I had great company
to make facing the crowds easier!
2- These great helpers with the baking last night.
3- Chocolate pecan pies....
4- pumpking whoopie pies!
5--a precious wreath left at my front door by Ms. Gail!
It is sitting in this chair but not for long!
It will replace the fall leaves on my door
tomorrow morning!
AND TODAY.......I'm thankful for
1--The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
For some reason, the last few year, I always
get choked up when the parade starts.
go figure...
2-- That, while the food I made for today wasn't the best in the world,
it was at least edible.
3--A wonderful Thanksgiving Supper!
Ken and I hosted a thanksgiving supper tonight.
We had some folks from church come to join us.
Our friend, Jennifer and her kids came to join us.
Jennifer's husband has just gone back to Iraq to finish his
one year tour. He has just been home on leave
for two weeks. They had Thanksgiving as a family while he was here.
We were so glad they could join us.

We had Alice and Donna.
And Donna's husband, Daryle.
{I obviously didn't do a great job of getting every one's picture}
These sweet folks are dear church members and friends.
Their families are all far from here and were so happy
that they could join us for Thanksgiving this year.

This is Mrs. Myrtis.
She is our friend, Al's Mom.
She had open heart surgery just about a month ago.
She is doing fantastic. We were so blessed to have
her join us for Thanksgiving tonight!
Here is B's favorite friend - Miss O!
SO, glad that she and her Mommy were able to join us
tonight. Her Daddy {Al, from above} had to
work today. We missed him!

Which brings me to one more thing I'm thankful for --
My incredible friend, Kandi! She cooked two
turkeys for our gathering tonight and she didn't even
blink an eye.
AND -- they were so moist they
were falling off the bone!
My belly is full tonight and my heart is, too. My body -- it's exhausted.
I'm off to bed's friends!
Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!!!
in HIM-

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Ginger said...

I think you tear up at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade for the same reason I do. Makes us reminisce about family Thanksgivings growing up & how much we loved them & miss them!! I tear up over a lot of traditions we are no longer together for. Great memories & great fun!