Monday, November 8, 2010

A Month of Thanks- In-Depth Bible Study

So, yesterday I said how thankful I am for the Esther bible study that God has led me to do these past few months. I am ever so grateful because I've learned so much.

Today, I did my final day of study in the Esther workbook. It was a rather sad moment for me. I really do love doing (and leading) in-depth bible studies!!!

I love how much I learn when I am doing a study like this!
I love that I am getting to meet with and form real relationships with other women.
I love when some of those women don't even go to our church!
I love how I spend time digging in HIS scriptures.
I love how they always pertain to my life and what God wants to teach me right in that moment.
I love it all!

SO - today -- I'm thankful for in-depth bible studies like this one and this one and this one!!! And the myriad of others that I've gotten to do.

I'm also, ever so grateful for the women (or men) who God inspires to write these in-depth bible studies. So that people like me, can pick it up and lead it and learn so much from it!
I'm so thankful for people who have allowed God to use their speaking and writing talents in this way for HIM!!!

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