Monday, November 29, 2010

A Month of Thanks - B!!!

Whew! Today has been one long day. And really it's only been a long day since about 3 PM. B has a cold and he woke up from his nap like this...... and stayed that way for pretty much the entire time until 7:30 when we put him in bed.
Sometimes, it's just tough being two.......
Sometimes, it's tough living with a 2 year old.
SO, tonight - I'm choosing to thankful for the 2 year old
in my house!

I love to hear him say "I wushu" {I love you}.
I love to hear him say his prayers -- it is the most precious thing EV.ER!!
I love to hear him laugh.
I love to see how happy he is to see his sisters when they get home in the afternoons.
I have a love/hate thing for him sleeping with me.
I really want him to sleep in his own bed.....
but I know he won't want to sleep with me forever....
so I'm trying to love it more.
I love how much he loves his Daddy.
I love watching him learn new things - which he does everyday.
I love when he asks "what dat?"
I don't love it so much that he gets a stool,
opens the pantry and pulls out
whatever he wants to eat at the moment.....
but I do love that he is so smart to
have figured that all out
and I think it is a little bit funny.
I love his sloppy kisses!
I love, love, love that he is all boy!

I love my sweet two year old boy!

And I am so thankful to my God for giving him to me!!

in HIM-


walkingwithangels said...

I love it, i am so thankful for my girls to xx

Ginger said...

He is a sweetie & a cutie pie!! So glad he is my nephew!!