Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Month of Thanks - My Siblings

Today, over at Baby Bangs, Amanda is giving away a book. The book is called Those Silly Sisters: Swimming in The Rain and as soon as I saw the title I knew I had to enter to win. And I did.

I also went over and checked out the blog of the author,Erica Stidham, Amazing Adventures Await.

As I read about the book {which I hope to win}, I started thinking about my own sister and then my brother. We had such fun together when we were kids. I'm not going to lie, we fought -- like cats and dogs. BUT we also loved each other and had so much fun together. I got to thinking about some of the silly things we did as kids.

**How my brother would make us laugh so hard at the supper table that we would get in trouble for not eating.

**How we played The Tickle Game. Which was a game where we all tickled each other's foot. Whoever fell over first lost.

**How we loved our dog, Lad.

** How we spent hours playing on our swing set.

** How we loved to hide and jump out to scare one another.

SO, tonight -- I'm thankful for my sister and by brother. I love you both very much and hope that my kids love one another as much as I love you!!! And I hope they look back on their childhoods with fond memories of having shared it with their sisters and brother. Just like I look back and have such wonderful memories of you both!

Ya'll go check out the giveaway and also go check out Erica's blog. I will be getting this book, even if I don't win the giveaway. You can too -- there are links from Erica's blog. Go check it out!

in HIM-


Erica said...

Mindy, Thank you so much!
The Lord has been so faithful to get the word out to "sister" I never knew I had.
Your family is precious, and I look forward to reading more on your blog!
So, now you are also entered in the give-a-way on my blog!
Thanks again!

Ginger said...

Wow! Thanks!! I'm a little behind on reading your blog but glad I caught up today. Thanks for not telling everyone Heath made us laugh so hard I peed my pants & that I always lost the tickle game. And - funny how I never was able to scare you & Heath but you both scared the bejeezus out of me too many times to count. Fun times, fun times! ;) Love you too & I am so thankful for my (little) big sister!!!