Friday, October 29, 2010

Western Caribbean Cruise - Days 1-3

SO, y'all remember a week ago or 6, hubs and I left on a cruise to celebrate our 10th anniversary which was in April.
I am finally getting around to sharing it here. A little slow, I know. But none the less, I present our Western Caribbean Cruise - Days 1 - 3 -- mostly in pictures.
We cruised with Royal Caribbean and we loved it. The ship "Freedom of the Seas" was HUGE. This was our third cruise and it was by far the biggest ship. We cruised out of Port Canaveral on Sunday, September 19, 2010.
Bye Bye, USA!!!!
There was a tropical storm out at sea, so our first night was
a bit hard. I don't usually get sea sick, but with 15 foot swells.
I was quite dizzy even after taking Dr*amimine.
Since I couldn't open but one eye at a time, there aren't anymore
pictures from our first night on board.
The next morning, however, we had traveled around the
storm and woke to much calmer seas and had a whole
day at sea to explore the boat and rest! Which was pure heaven.
That night, God showed off by providing this AMAZING sunset display!

Hubs and I changed our dining to the second seating and came
back to find mr. piggy on the bed
wearing my sunglasses.

After seeing the show - which was amazing, we drifted off to sleep
and wok on day 3, just in time to see us arrive in Labadee, Haiti.
It was mountainous and gorgeous!

While I was watching us dock, I saw these fishermen and
a kayaker having a chat.

Since we had all day in Labedee, hubs decided he wanted
to the wave rider. He did pretty well
at surfing, even if I do say so myself.




We then got off the ship and enjoyed our late morning and afternoon
in Haiti.
It really was beautiful there.
We walked through the market for about 10 minutes
until I could no longer handle the sales folks....
The cruise line owns this part of Haiti, so they
provided a bbq style lunch on the island.

After lunch we explored the island a bit.

A map that shows where we were located in Haiti.
Hubs and I had climbed down on this rock, when a staff
person came up. I thought for sure he was going
to reprimand us and tell us we couldn't be down on those rocks.
NOPE! He just asked if we wanted him to take our picture.

Shortly after this, we got back on board the ship.
I spent some time on our balcony and did my bible study lessons
and even took a nap.
We ate our amazing dinner and saw another incredible show.
and drifted off to sleep being rocked by the sound of the waves!
More to come on our cruise.....hopefully, it won't take 6 more weeks to get another post in.
Happy Friday, y'all. With Halloween, we've got big doings this weekend. Today's activity will be carving pumpkins. Tomorrow will be Treat Street downtown and on Sunday our church hosts it's annual Trunk or Treat! Hope you have a fun-filled weekend,too.
in HIM-


Lisa said...

So fun! My hope is that we can one day do a cruise!

Wendy said...

Looks like you had fun! Tad and I are going away this weekend for our anniversary. Our 10th was last November, but Jude was just a few weeks old.