Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snapshots of the Weekend

My weekend was really good!!!! On Friday I got to go to Asheville shopping with a friend. It was a great day. We went to Papa's and Beer for lunch. Let me tell ya'll......they have salsa bar!!!! That, in itself, is enough to endear this place to me forever. And my fajita's were pretty awesome too! Then we went to the Mall for a bit and to Target. On the way home we went to the best Ingle's around.
THEN -- I came home and shortly thereafter, someone knocked on my door
bearing these!!!!
My hubby is the best!!!! On Saturday, we went to the Rotary Club's annual Pancake Breakfast.
Mr. Tom made the kids Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. I don't have a picture of them
because I didn't have my camera. After pancakes, they did the cake walk
and we came home with two cakes.....
Grammy and Granddaddy had come to town for A's
birthday celebration so we walked downtown for lunch.
{Have I told you how much I love being able to walk downtown?}
My poser......=)
OH, and I love that she is wearing hot pink
cowboy boots with her ruffled pants!

We sat outside at the restaurant because it was such a nice day.
This is where the girls sat!

I love these silly girls!

And the restaurant was having some live music.
These folks were entertaining....

I love these two guys, too!!!

And I love this shot.
The band was singing/playing to Bingo.
You know, B.I.NGO. B.I.NGO. B.I.NGO and Bingo was his name-o.
L told Granddaddy that she could sing the whole song.
And she did sing it for them.
SO SWEET how they are looking at her!

We then came home for the birthday celebration.
It was a great afternoon!
Sundays are always busy but good.
This past Sunday, we received a HUGE blessing.
But that deserves a post of it's own.
I will be back to tell you about it tomorrow!!!
in HIM-


Lyndsey said...

That is so crazy about the fruit cravings because I read fruit means girl, but clearly not in your case! I am just ready to know already! I have some serious shopping to do! :)

Lisa said...

SO fun! Love that picture of K and B! And the pink cowboy boots. Millie would LOVE those!