Saturday, October 2, 2010

Miracle of The Moment

One thing I am always working on in my life is trying to keep Satan from stealing my joy. He likes to try and do that by putting thoughts in my mind for me to worry about. Things that can - when I let them -- grow and grow and get bigger and bigger until they take over my thoughts and I can think of nothing else.

I hate that. I hate him.......I hate that I allow it to happen and that he gets the best of me sometimes.

Because of that one of the things that I think about a lot is trying to be in the moment. Trying not to let my thoughts, aches, pains, worries get to me. Trying NOT to let Satan steal my joy. Trying to enjoy my kids and my husband in each and every moment of every day. Trying to enjoy whatever I am doing at the time. I pray most days that God would so fill me with HIS joy that it just overflows. I want to be one of those people who are far- I don't think I'm there yet. But, I'm still praying and working on it.

In our Esther study this week we are on Chapter 4. In my opinion, it's the best Chapter in the whole book. (At least thus far in the study. =) ). We have studied all that has led up to this very defining and pivotal moment in Esther's life. She was born for "such a time as this"......awesome stuff. This weeks work spoke directly to my heart. Reminded me that God places each of us in the places we are--- in the time we are there -- for our own "such a time as this".

On the last day of week 4 in this study, Beth provides the lyrics to song by Steven Curtis Chapman, called "Miracle of the Moment". I wanted to share it with you all right now.

I've been reminded anew to stop allowing Satan to steal my joy. To continue to strive to be in each and every moment of my life with all of the people God has placed in my life "for such a time as this". To continue to pray that God would will make me contagious for HIM. He has a purpose for me......

and it's for SUCH A TIME AS THIS and to enjoy the Miracle of the Moment!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of Saturday and a worship filled Sunday!

in HIM-

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