Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Decor 2010

I love decorating for the seasons. For the past few years, I've not had the time to do much decorating. This year, I was determined to do something. Most of these things are very simple. While I am usually a more is better kind of girl, I think these simple decorations turned out quite nice.

The front of the house.....

Close ups of the front steps decor.....
pumpkins to be carved.....

Another carving pumpkin
and a Halloween tub....THANKS, MOM!!!!

My fall leaves wreath.
It's beginning to show it's age.
Think next year will be time for something new.
I do like the leaves though, it's versatile.
After tomorrow, I will take the "boo" ribbon off
and replace it with one that will take allow
this fall wreath to stay on the door through

My mums that are quickly fading.....
with some more great pumpkins.
Again, since these are uncarved --
they will stay through Thanksgiving

Inside the mums, are these adorable decorative picks.
I love them.

Inside the house, I have this cute pumpkin sitting on a table
at the entrance of our living room.

In the dining room, I have a great Halloween tablecloth with a cute runner
and jack-o-lantern on the table but I don't have a picture of it....oops.
I also have this great floral arrangement (my Mom made for me)
and a great jar full of candy corns. The apothecary jar used to be full.....

Back to the living room, my Mom also made me
this FANTASTIC fall wreath to go above my mantle.
I LOVE it and it was stay through Thanksgiving also.
I also have this cute little Halloween welcome sign
on the mantle. Told you I didn't do a lot of decorating this year.

Last night, we had pizza for supper and carved pumpkins.
Miss M wasn't here -she was off on her first sleepover with her
friend N. She was so happy to be going that she gave us
her blessing to carve pumpkins without her.
Hubs and kids did the gross part ;)

Then I set out to do the carving......
A little tip about carving pumpkins.
If you are going to carve fancy pumpkins,
it's best to have actual pumpkin carving tools.
And if you need actual carving tools, it's best
not to wait until 2 days before Halloween to go
and buy them. Because all of the stores, they will
be sold out and will have already started putting
out Christmas decor.....\
Anyhoo, back to the carving....
Miss A took these pictures of me carving pumpkins.
wondering what B was eating in this picture.....maybe raw pumpkin.....
carving words with a serrated kitchen knife isn't easy.

The finished products back on the porch
ready to light up the night.
LOVE how they turned out!!!

I turned the flash on and got this pic. of Miss L
on the front steps with the finished pumpkins.

There they are. Our Halloween decoration - 2010. Now I have to be going. The Halloween fun starts today. Time to get these kiddos dressed in costumes and head downtown for Treat Street. Such fun! And tomorrow evening is our churches Trunk or Treat!!!!
Have a safe, fun Halloween weekend, y'all!
in HIM---

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Ginger said...

I'm going to have to get on Mom to make me some more decorations! All I got was a wreath! (JUST KIDDING!!). Everything looks pretty! Love the pic of L in front of the door in her nightgown! :)