Monday, October 25, 2010

A's Birthday Festivities

A's birthday celebrating actually began last weekend. When we returned home from our camping trip on Saturday night, there was a package waiting for her. It was from Nana and Grandpap.
I know that this picture is blurry, but you just have the notice the
excitement on her face!

Know what she was so excited about?
Yep - that alarm clock she had ask for.
This alarm clock is pretty cool. It changes to 7
different colors.
She also got a leotard for dance from Nana, too.

Then over the weekend, we celebrated with cake and ice cream
and Grammy and Granddaddy.

It took three attempts to blow out the candles.
She finally cupped her hands around her mouth to
really direct her breath I guess.
A shot of her teeth while eating the very
BLUE icing that was on the cake.

I think M and L thought that meant they were
to act like monsters.....

Time for more presents....
a fishing pole and tackle box
and clothes from Grammy and Granddaddy.
This is Miss Bashful showing us
her new clothes....
Then she opened the gift from us.....
she doesn't look too thrilled right here.....
But I think she loved it -- she got Beauty and the B*east movie
and another leotard. She needed these as all the ones we have
have gotten too small.
This one from Chez Ami is adorable,
don'tcha think?!!?
Miss A also got a new supercute outfit from Grammy and Granddaddy to wear
to church.
She also got the gift of money from PaPa and NayNay and our
friends the Walsers.
She is thrilled that she can go pick something out.
All in all I think she had a fantastic time turning nine!!!!
Have a great Monday ya'll!!!!

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Lisa said...

What a great birthday!