Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Now Shall We Live?

"Being a Christian is hard work.
Putting the needs of others above your own,
exercising humility,
suffering with those less fortunate,
loving your neighbor,
doing good to those who would do evil to you,
and doing it all with a pure heart is nearly impossible."
--Chuck Colsen & Nancy Pearcey
I read this quote and whole heartedly first.
And then these words came to me............without God.......
because Nothing is impossible with God!
May I always remember that!
in HIM-


Tim said...

Dieing to self is most difficult for us to do! Who ever says living the Christian life is easy is not doing it right. If it were easy our churches would be shinning examples of the Kingdom of God - because most church love easy lol. Maybe the hardest part is allowing the Holy Spirit to do it through us! :) You da woman!

walkingwithangels said...

Living a Christian life is far from easy but the joy we get from the love of Jesus makes it so worthwhile xxx

Toyin O. said...

Only by God's grace can we live the Christain life.