Thursday, September 30, 2010

Growing......Clothing Pains!


I've always been a girl who knows what she likes. I've always dressed as I wished and made no apologies for it.

Way back in the day when I was in high school, I arrived at a basket ball game wearing long plaid shorts a top and a hat that matched the shorts. The complete outfit was from the Gap, and I loved it. ......{probably gives you a clue as to my age....}. When I was going to sit with my friends a boy - who obviously had no fashion sense - made some snide comment about my awesome outfit. My response? In my sweetest, southern voice, I said, " I didn't ask you to look at me!"

As a grown up, I've always known what I like for my kids to wear.

The more smocking and monograms the better. For the girls, the bigger the bows, the better. For B, LOVE shortall's, longalls, and in the winter some added sweaters with corderoys......yes, I am pretty preppy I suppose.

I'm all about the 4 of them coordinating/matching! And as long as they aren't protesting, I will continue that.

Here is my struggle. My oldest will by 9 in 21 days. And, although she is a very petite {she still wears a size 7} I'm struggling with what clothing to buy for her. I'm beginning to feel like we need to begin (as cold turkey would be too hard for me) to phase out the smocking in her wardrobe. Everyday and school clothes aren't really a big problem as she and I both as good with Gymboree and Justice (her more than me) for these things.

The issue is SUNDAY CLOTHES! It seems like every dress I see that is not smocked looks WAY too grown up or even something that I wouldn't even wear myself - modesty wise.

I still want her to look like the little girl she is -- she is not a teenager and I do not want her dressing as one. I may even have issues with her dressing as a teenager when she is a teenager.

SO - what help can you guys offer me? Do you have a tween (I hate that word)? Where do you buy her church clothes?

WOW. I never thought this would be so difficult already......Look forward to hearing your thoughts!!

in HIM-


Lisa said...

NO idea, but I'm watching this because we'll be there before you know it!

Kendra said...

Oh. We are so there! Thankfully my girls don't like stuff that wouldn't be allowed... but I have found that buying clothes in Womens is often better than Jrs. Juniors clothes are for stick figures that sometimes leave nothing for the imagination... best of 'luck' :)

Wendy said...

Kelley has bought a lot of her bigger girls clothes at the Children's Place. She dresses them very modest as well.

Devin said...

Oh, I wish I had some advice on this one for you--but I'm so interested to see what others have to say!

Would you believe me if I told you that sometimes I see immodest clothing for LOLA's age? She is 8 months old...and they make halter tops, tube tops, deep v's CRAZY! I always wonder--what are they thinking, making these clothes for babies?

I think the tip to look in the womens section (or even petites?) would be a great idea. Juniors is probably OUT--everything there is either skin tight, hideous colors, punk, or flashy! (At least, that is what I see when I am in the clothing stores!)

Oh, I dread this stage already...

Amber said...

I have no advice on this, but could you please tell us when you figure it out?! lol... I am already dreading that phase with Ally and she is only 5. She is already quite opinionated with her wardrobe though!