Monday, August 9, 2010

Pennsylvania Vacation - Harper's Ferry

This is it.
The final vacation post.
I know you are all really sad about that. ;)

Well, on Thursday, July 22, we started home from our Pennsylvania Vacation. We weren't sure if we were going to drive all the way home or if we were going to break up our trip and spend the night at my in-laws lake house. Since hubby was driving, we decided we would stop at the lake house to break up our long drive back to the south.
That enabled us to make an impromptu stop at Harper's Ferry. Just really like this picture. Gorgeous fence. Gorgeous girl!
We walked across the bridge and back....

Harper's Ferry = John Brown's Raid....

Checking out the replica of the tavern....

The girls signed up to do the "Jr. Ranger" program.
We had a great time exploring Harper's Ferry and
doing all of the activities.
And hopefully, we even learned a little bit about
Harper's Ferry along the way.


Harper's Ferry......circa 1850's? ;)

After we saw all there was to see and finished our jr ranger stuff,
we headed on to Pulaski, Va for the night.
We got up the next morning and drove home.
Pennsylvania 2010 was a great vacation!
Great family time and maybe even a little
learning thrown in for good measure.
Hope y'all have a great Monday. The kids and I are headed to GA to visit family.
in HIM-


Lisa said...

GREAT pictures!
Looks like super fun!

Alex Quinn 82 said...

I love Harper's Ferry! Such a quaint little town with lots to do. I remember doing a road trip along the North East about two years ago and remember stopping here after staying at one of the resorts in the Poconos. Lots of history to learn here and I thought it was neat seeing a town stay as it was back in the Civil War time frame.