Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pennsylvania Vacation - Amish Country

We got up and out bright and early on the 6th day of our Pennsylvania Vacation. We were headed out to experience the Amish Community for the day and *I* was very excited!!!
Our first stop was to take a buggy ride with Abe's Buggy Rides. They were wonderful all around and I would recommend them to you if you are headed up to Lancaster County, PA!! Getting ready to go on a buggy ride through Amish country....
We saw some beautiful things that God created and some
beautiful things that God inspired men to create.
The farm land is gorgeous!!!

We took the 5 mile buggy ride that included at stop at this farm....

Where we enjoyed seeing the animals....
the girls and B really enjoyed seeing this little foul...

This family ran a store on their farm.
Nana LeeAnne bought a beautiful quilt.
And we bought some drinks....
After a bit it was time to get going....
Daddy and B looking at the horses one more time!

For the rest of the trip, hubs sat in the front of the buggy
with Manna, our driver, and talked "church".
Manna grew up Old Order Amish, but is now
a Mennonite Pastor. They enjoyed discussing the things
that are similar and different about the denominations that
they represented and also the Amish ways that Manna knew
as a child.

A got fresh squeezed lemonade as her drink and shared it all around....

This home, Manna told us, was built by a retired man
and his son in law. Retired Amish people usually live with family members.
Most of the time it is the youngest son who takes care of the parents
when they retire. Amish people do not pay into, nor do they accept, social security.
They expect to be taken care of by their families....
Good lesson for all I think!
And because Amish families are usually large -- they average 7 children -- they
need large homes...

A young Amish man driving his carriage....

At one point in our ride, we had to stop in the middle of the road because
B's backpack fell off. Granddaddy had to walk back and get it.

Beautiful garden....wish I had one of these!

After our buggy ride was over, we went on to visit the Amish Village.

We took a tour of an "Amish" home and the guide told us all
about how Amish live.
The Amish don't put anything on their walls or in their homes that
don't have a purpose. In the kitchen are some hooks for hats, and shawls, and coats.

There was much to see in the house. I didn't get any more pictures of things inside,
but the tour guide explained the rules for Amish dress. She explained that men could have
buttons as long as they were covered and the rules for how
girls dressed depending on age. At age 8, a girl has to stop wearing buttons (in
the back only) and must start pinning her dress and apron.
My girls were very interested in that!
After the house, they had lots of other places to see. The
different kinds of buggies were shown and explained throughout the
An open buggy is usually for young people of courting age.....
"the whole world is their chaperon".....good idea if you ask me!

They had an Amish school house. This particular one is no
longer used today but was at one time a real Amish School house....

Inside the school house, there was much to see.....
the girls were fascinated with the desks....

And we saw lots of good sayings and advice from our bible......

"Take a picture of us jumping off!"

They had a store ( of course) and I don't have a picture of it for some reason,
but this is where the girls bought their big souvenir. They each
bought an Amish dress for their American Girl Dolls....

After we finished at the Amish Village, it was time for lunch.
It started pouring rain at that exact moment!
We drove around and found a covered picnic shelter to have lunch in.
There are no pictures of that because it was raining
so hard that I didn't want to get the camera wet....
plus we were all very soggy....
After lunch we went to a bakery in Bird-In-Hand, PA.....
We shopped around and enjoyed the swings outside.
They had goats to feed.....

Hiding from the goats......they were rather aggressive.

An Amish Buggy I got a picture of driving down the street.
The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping
in Amish owned and ran stores. As well as another
shopping place where they had pony rides....
The kids loved that!

B was very excited about his first ever pony ride....
he got
then he seemed rather concerned...

By then, it was time for supper and we ate that evening at the
Bird-In-Hand Family Restaurant. It was delicious!!!

Then our time in the Amish Country came to an end.
We loaded up and drove on to Gettysburg where we
would visit the following day.....
in HIM-

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