Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pennslyvania Vacation - Strasburg Day

On the 5th day of our vacation, we had "Strasburg Day". Strasburg is in the middle of beautiful Amish country. Since we had 3 train lovers in our midst, we visited the train museum. They had a play area of kids which we visited first thing....;)
I just love this picture....I know A is all blurry and I love it!
Granddaddy and B looking at a train layout....

Ages 8 and up were allowed to drive the trains....
A qualified. =) See, there are benefits to being the oldest....

Next, we walked around in the museum and saw all the trains...
Trying to get a shot of all 4......

My A.....

I love this one!!!! Sitting in the chairs from an old
train station............

Maggie "blows the horn" on one of the trains...

Loading coal into a steam engine is hard work.....

After the museum, we walked across the street to ride the Strasburg Railroad.
The train ride was about 45 minutes. It was beautiful country
and everyone enjoyed the trip.
Waving bye, bye to the folks on the platform..
After riding the train, it was time for lunch. We walked back across the street
to the museum where there were picnic tables set up under
some trees.
It was a great surprise to find that while we had been at the train station,
some Amish kids had set up a stand and were selling their food wares.
We bought some whoopie pies, and some black raspberry jam. DELISH!
We ate picnic lunches a lot during vaca to help cut down on
food costs but I have to say this was my favorite
place we picniced.

Next we headed off to do a little shopping at Train World....
We went to the Thomas Store to get something for B, where the sales
lady was kind of rude to A.
However, we ended up getting B a "Carry Along" Thomas and
a tshirt. He loves them both!
And outside we took a ride on Thomas....
We were getting ready to leave and saw this Amish Farmer across the street
baling hay. Yep, with 6 horses pulling the bailer!

Next the kids went with Daddy and Granddaddy to a toy train museum for a bit and
then back to the hotel. Nana LeeAnne and I hit up the outlet shops and got some
great deals. Then it was supper time and time to get ready for bed.
Since we would be traveling the next evening to a new hotel, I laid out every one's
clothes and hubby packed up as much of our bags as possible.
Here is B helping take them out....

Are you getting tired of my vacation posts yet? I'm sorry!
Just gotta preserve the memories!!
Have a fabulous Wednesday!!
in HIM--

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Mandy said...

Looks like you guys had such a wonderful vacation!