Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Of Harvesting and Fishing

Our Georgia Trip was loads of fun! Not only did we have a Monkey Party, we did lots of other things. We went shopping for some new clothes, we went to see Beezus and Romana (GREAT movie by the way). We also had some new experiences while were were there.
We visited my grandparents and picked apples and pears twice.
They always have a big garden and my grandfather wanted to share the harvest
with us!

My Pa with my girls!

This was my uncles riding toy when he was a little boy.
So, this chicken has been through three generations of kids.

My Granny was drying apples....
she has inspired me. Think I'm going to try it!
They had been drying out in the sun under a sheer cloth
but she moved them inside the screened porch
due to the treat of thunder storms.

We spent a lot of time hanging on my my Mom's
back deck.

B and L with Grammy!
We also went over to my uncle's farm.
We learned about his chickens and saw
how he gathers the eggs.

We picked and ate loads of fresh blueberries!

We got some fresh corn for supper!

Granddaddy also taught us some fishing skills while there.
Here we are checking out the worms.

We were a bit nervous at first because of all of these that were around.

But we soon forgot about the cows and got down to fishing!
We caught lots of fish and threw them back, of course!

A held her fish and threw it back.....
B was very sceptical of the fish at first.
He wouldn't even touch them --but by the end
we got him to kiss the fish.
He was too quick for me though.
I missed that shot. And he refused to re-do it!

Granddaddy showing Allie how to bait her hook...

We learned that fishing takes a lot of waiting....

and patience.....
but usually pays off in the end...
And when we got back to Granddaddy's house,
he handed out rewards.
Everyone won a prize.
L got the prize for first fish caught.
M got the prize for smallest and biggest fish caught.
A got the prize for catching the most fish!
And B, well - even though it wasn't said --
I think he won a prize for kissing a fish! (blech!)
We always enjoy our trips to Georgia. We get to see lots of family and do lots of fun stuff!
It was a week of learning and fun for our family!
in HIM-

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Wendy said...

LOVE the picture with Uncle Arvine! I think I passed you guys once on Sunset.
Oh and love the cute dresses and hats while picking fruit. Can never be too dressed up for fruit picking! :)