Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Monday - Here's A Menu Plan

We had a great trip to Georgia last week. The girls had lots of fun and we did a whole lot of fun stuff and visited with lots of family.
I will share with you the pictures later this week because today I have a whole lot of things to get done. I'm playing catch-up this week - at least for the first couple days of this week. Then, we're off on one more little trip before school starts next week.

So - for now --
I'm going to share what little of a menu plan I have for this week!

Monday -

breakfast - cereal

lunch - hummus with crackers and veggies to dip

supper - grilled bbq chicken, green beans, potato's

Tuesday -

breakfast - egg taco's

lunch - pizza rollups or leftover bbq chicken rollups

supper - Small Group Night so we will eat there.

Wednesday -

breakfast - homemade granola with fruit

lunch - sandwiches

supper - healthy salmon patties, fried okra and corn on the cob

Thursday -

breakfast - cereal with yogurt and fruit or oatmeal

***After breakfast on Thursday we are heading out to Pigeon Forge for a few days. ***

The menu plan resumes on...

Sunday -

breakfast - poptarts, breakfast in a bag, or cereal bars

lunch/ supper -- Deep Creek Picnic Day at church so we will play this day by ear.

That is it! Come back tomorrow for a great book review with a giveaway. I promise you don't want to miss this book. It is beautiful!

See ya tomorrow! For more menu plans go to!!!

in HIM-

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