Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sweet Friends

On Thursday, my sweet friend K asked if we (B and I) wanted to go to lunch. I immediately said yes. We met at my house and walked downtown. We had lunch at a place downtown and then walked to the park to let these two sweeties play before nap time.
Miss O is almost walking
but she had fun crawling around!!
I love this picture.
They were both trying to climb to the same spot.
if you look close, you can see the ball in B's hand
that he was refusing to let go of that day.

Peek a boo!!!!
O was working out how to
climb back up the slide.

Sliding....still clutching the ball!

I love impromptu lunches with friends and impromptu playdates at the park!
We love our sweet friends!
in HIM-

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