Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pennsylvania Or Bust

After lunch today, hubs and are packing up the kids and heading out on vacation.

We are going to Pennsylvania! We will drive part of the way today and the rest of the way to our first destination on Friday.

Granddaddy and Nana Lee Anne will meet us there on Friday night.

Hubs and his dad (Granddaddy) are doing a rail car trip Saturday and Sunday. While they are doing that, Nana Lee Anne, the kids and I plan to do some things by ourselves. The rest of the week we will be doing fun stuff together.

We are taking a ride on the Hiawatha Riverboat, and going to Hershey. We will visit the Lancaster area where we will visit Strasburg Railroad and do lots of things in Amish Country.

We will also visit Gettysburg while we are there.

In order to prepare the girls for visiting Gettysburg and the Amish Country, I've done a lot of looking for activities and books that I will use on our trip up to teach them about the Civil War and Amish people. I found this great site for Civil War activites.

Also, since it is such a long drive, I've bought the girls drawing paper and a set of twistables each to make their own scrapbooks of our trip. They can draw pictures and write about it. They will also take turn using my old digital camera to take pictures of what they see so they can write about those too! I can't wait to see how this turns out!!!

I am hoping to be able to upload and share pictures here as we go,but I really can't promise anything.

We are all very excited about this vacation. I'm especially excited about visiting the Amish Country. A says she isn't excited about the long ride.....

Have a great Thursday everyone! I'm off to run a few errands this morning to the post office, to get a few things we still need for our trip, and to the library to check out some kids books on the civil war and Amish ways of life.

And then we are outta here!!!! YEAY VACATION!!!

Hopefully I can post some pictures of our day this evening....we will see!

in HIM-

Mindy (so excited I deleted my sig...)


Katy said...

I live in PA...semi-close to all those places your headed. They are awesome. Have a great trip!

Susan said...

Sounds like a great trip! My dad always loved visiting the Amish country, great food and beautiful crafts! Hershey is really fun too, they have a great park.