Sunday, July 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday with cousins and Thomas The Train

Wow. It has been really difficult getting back into the swing of things with my menu planning after having the last week or so off.....I had a hard time trying to figure out what we should eat!

We are going to be headed to hub's grandmother's 94th birthday party this weekend so we will be gone Fri/Sat.... but here is what I did come up with......

Also this week, after returning from vacation, we are super crunched on extra funds so this week's menu is as simple as possible to make it budget friendly.


breakfast - cereal/cereal bars, etc....

Lunch - sandwiches/ leftovers from last nights potluck at church

Supper - K and kids will have hotdogs and tater tots - hopefully organic but he is picking it up at the store so we will see..... I will be headed to do the grocery shopping for the rest of the week this evening.


breakfast - breakfast casserole (already have the ingredients for this)

lunch - hummus with crackers/veggies to dip

supper- veggie soup with grilled cheese sammies. Some sweet church members gave me the soup mix for christmas (it's homemade) and I already had some ground beef in the freezer. yeay! I love using up what is in the pantry!


breakfast - fruit parfeits/leftover breakfast casserole

lunch - cheese quesadillas, hummus, homemade pimento cheese sammies (already had the ing. for the pimento cheese. only need 1 thing),

supper - lasagna with salad

Thursday -

breakfast - breakfast taco's

lunch - leftover lunches/same choices as yesterday

supper - leftovers buffet


breakfast - cereal/oatmeal

lunch & supper - we will be at K's dad's house. probably lunch on the way and supper with the fam.


at K's dads.......

Sunday -

breakfat - poptarts/cereal bars

lunch- sandwiches

supper - out =)

I also wanted to share with you all a couple of pictures.

Before we left to go on vacation, I learned that my cousin, Wendy, would camping in a town near by for the week. We got our kids together one morning to play.

These are 7 of the 8 kids. They really are stairsteps in age. Her's were all born between mine.

Baby Jude isn't in this picture.

Also, yesterday after noon, hubs and I took B (and the girls) to see Thomas. He LOVES "choo-choo"!! They all played in the bounce houses, got tattoo's, got balloon aminals and saw Thomas. We arrived, however, 30 minutes before they were shutting down for the day. K wants to take B again later this week, but I'm not so's just so HOT outside!!

Tried to get a shot of all of them in front of Thomas

this was the best we did....not great!

Watching as Thomas drove to his resting place for the night...

I just love this dirty-faced little boy....

For the few of you who are looking for our vacation photos, know that I'm working on it and I hope to have the first post up tomorrow. Have a great Monday.

I'm off to finish my grocery list!!!


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Wendy said...

Our kids had so much fun in your town. Thanks for inviting us!