Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Luke1: 37

We are still on vacation. I had big plans to upload and share our trip with you as we have traveled. But staying in one room with 4 kids has made that difficult. Well - really one child --B-- has made it all very difficult.
Bedtime for him is usually about 7 PM and even though we have been in our room most nights by about that time, he is used to being put in his bed (after prayers) and left to go to sleep. In a hotel room with the rest of us there, laying down and just going to sleep isn't happening. So, he's been staying up until he literally just drops off to sleep around 10 or 11PM. Add that to his couple of wake ups each night, and it leaves me too tired to do anything to lay around and hope he will join me each evening.
So, I will have to share our trip with you all next week. We are also getting up and out everyday pretty early so that leaves no time for sharing.....we are enjoying our family time being semi-disconnected!!

For now, though. Lest I forget, I want to share the little exchange between my girls and me from the other day. On Saturday evening, we were taking a caboose ride through the railcar association, and M was giving me a list of things that are impossible. L decided to join the conversation and said,"Pink cats are impossible."

M replied with, "Nuh-uh. You can dye your cat pink"

L said, "Well, God doesn't make pink cats."

A few minutes later, hubs came over and I said to him, "L says that God doesn't make pink cats."

To which he replied, "Nothing is impossible with God."


Mandy said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your time together!

Josh said...

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