Monday, June 14, 2010

MPM ----sort of....

Goodness. This moving to a new house while still keeping up with the last week of school (last week), the first week of summer(this week), church to - do's, cleaning two houses, schedules, a conference to attend and all the rest has kept me from blogging in the last week.

I had two weeks where I didn't even bother doing a menu plan. I sat down this morning thinking I would get started on one for this week and after looking at my week to really isn't looking very promising....

But in effort to get my craziness down to minimal here is what I am thinking for this week.

cereal with fruit, poptarts {I KNOW}, yogurt, eggs with bacon, toast and jelly, pancakes on Saturday probably......

hummus with organic tortilla chips, pbj sandwiches with fruit, grilled cheeses, quesadillas, crackers with cheese and fruit, tomato sandwiches (for me), also homemade pimento cheese sandwiches


Monday - making a trip to the big city after a 5:30 meeting so we will grab something on the way or get something there......

Tuesday - something easy with little mess- - I'm having an Initials, Inc party at my house tomorrow night..... so it is going to be shrimp and grits!!! YUM-O ----and serving ice cream sundae's at the party. =)

Wednesay - B and I are *probably* headed to pick up our girls from friends in Belmont. so, K is on his own. Probably leftovers......

Thursday - K is on his own again b/c even though I am coming home this night, I won't be home yet.

Friday - pizza nite/ going to another big city in the other direction to see friends .....these plans still up in the air

Saturday - steak with fries (for hubby's father's day homemade meal) --- maybe a baked potato for me.....and some kind of green veggie!!!

Sunday - out as a family for lunch or supper -- sandwiches for the other meal....

And that is the sort of menu-plan for the week. Next week should be a pretty normal week as everyone will be in town and things might slow down......maybe.

I'm off to clean house for the party tomorrow night. Check it out ---- they have awesome stuff and if you are interested, you can order for party. If you love monogrammed things like I do, you should go NOW and check it out! Let me know if you want to order and I will send you the details on how to do that!!!

Have a great Monday. For real menu plans this week check out

in HIM--

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He & Me + 3 said...

You are so good to make a menu each week. I so need to get on board with this. I say that all the time but I need to put this on my todo list.