Monday, June 21, 2010

MPM - June 21,2010

I've got big plans for this summer's menu planning. Since we have a much more leisurely pace in the summer, I plan on making healthier breakfasts and lunches around this house. And I'm just hoping and praying that all the other people in this house will jump on board with my fabulous idea!!!!! We will see.....

SO - here goes!

breakfast - cereal with strawberries, yogurt for me

lunch - yoyo/leftovers (since I haven't made it to the grocery store yet) with strawberries and yogurt

supper- Sandwiches, chips, fruit at church ----K and I both have meetings and food is being provided for my meeting and my family will eat there.


breakfast - breakfast taco's possibly with local sausage containing NO nitrates/preservatives

supper - shrimp & grits (I didn't do this last week)


lunch - Pizza Roll-ups with fruit

supper - cookout for a sweet church member who is moving to Florida ---hamburgers/turkey burgers, hot dogs for kids, baked beans, potato salad, dessert


breakfast - Cocoa-Nut Oatmeal (I'm using this recipe but subbing nuts for the dates)

lunch - hummus with veggies/ tortilla chips to dip, Blue Cheese Dip with veggies to dip, fruit

supper - Leftovers buffet


breakfast - cereal/poptarts/cereal bar day

lunch - K & kids will have sandwiches ( homemade pimento cheese, pb&j, grilled cheese/quesadillas) with fruit

supper - pizza night


breakfast - pancakes with organic bacon

lunch - out I think ---- Our girls are going to spend the next week with Nana and Grandpap so I think we will eat with them when we handover kids/cars.

supper - Grilled Fish (whatever looks good from the fish monger when he gets his fish on Thursday), couscous/quinoa, green beans


breakfast - cereal/poptarts/cereal bar

lunch - sandwiches

supper -- out!!! =)

That is my ambitious menu for the coming week! I hope that I am able to make it all and have healthier breakfast and lunches around here!

For more Menu Planning goodness, go on over to!!!

Happy Monday. I'm off to do some cleaning and laundry and prepare for my meeting tonight!

in HIM-

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