Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hotel Pool Fun!

The weekend that we moved to our new house, we were blessed to have two sets of grandparent in town. The two grand-daddies were taking a rail-car trip and the Nana and the Grammy helped set up house.
We also took advantage of the pool at their hotel The kids LOVED it!!!!

Miss A is getting to be a pretty good underwater swimmer.
Now we just have to work on above the water swimming .

Miss L is learning to jump in without holding on to the side....
this after almost giving me a heart attack by jumping
and holding on to side....

M jumps in with no fear.
She also does 'backflips' under the water.

B liked the pool pretty well.
But he really like the hot tub better....
a boy after my own heart. =)

The weekend of the move, a big surprise came with Grammy and Granddaddy!
It's Uncle Heath -- we loved having him here.
He helped move furniture and played with the kids
who just adore him!!!

His big sister adores him, too!

Here are the grands watching all the excitement!

in HIM-


Lisa said...

GREAT pictures!

Wendy said...

Looks like fun! So you're moved in? Kelley and Chris moved yesterday. They were very excited.