Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Edward's Dessert Singles

A while back I was contacted by a sweet lady from Edward's Desserts. She asked if I would be interested in reviewing their Edward's Desserts Singles. I said yes --- free desserts? Who could turn that down?She mailed me some coupons and during my next trip to get groceries I grabbed a few varieties of Edwards Dessert Singles.

From the name Singles I thought that hubs and I would share the one slice of pie in each box. I was delighted to find that there were two slices-- enough to go around.

These pies are pre made and frozen, so all you have to do is let them thaw a little and then enjoy.

SO far, my most favorite has been the Creme Pie slice with Reece's was the best. I also really like the Key Lime Pie. It was the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Not too much of either!!!!

I looked into the background of the Edwards brand and was delighted to read that they are from Georgia --just like me!

Are you interested in trying some Edward's Dessert Singles? Well, the generous folks at Edward's sent me coupons to share. So, we will have a small giveaway here! Two of you will win two coupons (each) for FREE Edward's Dessert Singles.

Well? What are you waiting for? Go on over to and check out their many varieties. Come back here and let me know which ones you want to try. Contest ends at midnight this coming Sunday (June 27th,2010).

Have a great Wednesday y'all! I'm off to finish cleaning house, shop for and prepare for my little cookout tonight!

See ya soon!

in HIM-

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Elaine said...

I love, love, LOVE Edward's Key Lime Pie! I craved it while I was pregnant with Kade, and I could manage to eat an entire pie by myself in a few days! I would like to try it again, just to be sure it's still as good as I remember it ;)