Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super Saturday and The Big Bad Musical

On Saturday, hub's Mom and Step-Dad came up for a visit. It was a great day.......we
walked downtown and went out to eat lunch......
we celebrated Mother's Day with Nana.....

WCU, which is in the next town over, was having
Fan Fest. So, we loaded up and joined in the fun for a bit.....
we jumped in the "jumpy house"

And we slid down the huge slide!!!!
Every one's favorite!

After we'd had all the jumpy goodness that we could stand and we'd played
in the sand and watched a bit of the baseball game, we decided it was time for....

Blizzards for the kiddies, a peanut butter malt for Grandpap,

A Chocolate Shake for Nana, a cherry limeade for hubs
and a vanilla coke for me!!! yum!

And my MIL came bearing gifts. New shirts for all the kids
and this awesome basket for me!!!!! YEAY!

After that, Nana and Grandpap headed back home. They live about 3 hours away from our little Mountain town and we were so glad that they came to visit for the day. Thanks Nana and Grandpap! We love you!
Later that evening, I took the girls to see The Big Bad Musical at A and M's school.

The Big Bad Musical is all guessed it The Big Bag Wolf.
He is on trial for all of his dirty deeds. And the plaintiffs were the three little pigs,
Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma, and the boy who cried wolf. They were represented by the Fairy God Mother herself. The Judge was The White Rabbit.
The Wolf also had council - The Evil Step Mother from Cinderella. He also had a gang of Wolfettes that followed him around. The rest of the cast was filled out by various and sundry other fairy tail characters. SO, the girls loved it!
It was put on by the middle school students at the school. And they did a fantastic job!!
This is our friend C! She clogged during the Three Pigs song.

This is our friend, S. She was a Wolfette!

And this is our friend S. She was Little Miss Muffett who in the end turned out to be Wolfie's
long lost adopted sister.....

It really is a cute musical. If you ever have the chance you should see it!
We've had busy weekends the last two weekends and this one promises to be more of the same. Hubs went out of town on Sunday afternoon and has just arrived home about an hour ago. Goodness knows that I will sleep better tonight. I'm so thankful he's back!! Everytime he is gone, I'm reminded what a great hubby and Daddy he is. He is so much help with the kids -- I could never survive without him. Plus, he makes me feel safe. I am definitely a big baby about staying by myself......
Now, I'm off to spend some time with hubby and we will be watching LOST shortly -----right after NCIS goes off. Two of my fav's!
in HIM-


Wendy said...

Any idea where the basket came from? I saw one very similar to this one the other day and I LOVED it! Also when I saw Ginger at our Mother-Daughter banquet Saturday I looked around to see if you were there too. No such luck. Wish you could've come down.

Lisa said...

FUN! I love B's face at the bottom of that slide!