Monday, May 31, 2010

MPM -Menu? What Menu?

I'm a very 'list' oriented person. I like to make my menu every week, come up with my grocery list after that and then head out to do my shopping at my favorite Ingle's supermarket.
And quite frankly, I'm not the type of girl who can just go to the grocery store and get groceries without a list, I'd forget about half of the things I need for each recipe.

Well. This week I'm not going able to make a menu plan. We are moving to a new house this week and between moving all the kitchen stuff (tomorrow hopefully) and all the other moving that hopefully will culminate on Friday, I am not doing much cooking this week.

Wait. Did I say moving? Yep. You heard right. We are moving to a new house. Our church has blessed my family in a HUGE way by allowing us to live in a house that they bought and have renovated. The house had more bedrooms and more space for our family of 6. The church folks have done an amazing job of renovating this house -- it is beautiful and my girls (and K and I, too) are very excited about being allowed to live there. Matter of fact, the day we found out that we were moving down there, the girls were so excited that they packed up all the books and movies in their playroom. The house was built a long time ago and has major character. My girls call it the castle house, as it has a rounded room and a turret. I will post a picture when I get a chance so you can see what I'm talking about.

Anyway, this is moving week in our family. Today was to be the day we moved the playroom/den furniture. It is raining right now but I have high hopes that it will stop so that we can get that all moved. We plan to get a lot of things done throughout the week, but plan to move all the big furniture on Friday. It is excited but also a lot of work (of course) so a menu isn't really happening this week......

Here is what I do have planned for the week........

Breakfasts **My oldest two girls are still in school. We have two more weeks around these parts**
cereal with fruit
Oatmeal with fruit
bagels with jelly
toast with jelly or nutella
anything quick this week!!!!

sandwiches with chips and fruit
hummus with pita chips or tortilla chips
"Bugs" (organic mac and cheese)
cheese and crackers with fruit


M - Grilled steak, baked sweet potatoes (carry over from last week, as we ended up having Leftovers on Thursday)

T/W/T -- whatever we can find or whatever we pick up.......won't involve much cooking since I plan to move all kitchen stuff tomorrow

F - moving day. A sweet, sweet church member has offered to make supper for our family and the folks who help us move. What an amazing blessing!

SO -- there it is.....the Un Menu i suppose. It is going to be a very busy week around here. I am hoping to be able to post the two reviews I need to do this week and I have lots of activities and pictures I'd like to share too.......maybe in between moving I can get all that done.

Have a great Monday everyone!!!! For more Menu Planning goodness (or ahem. a real menu) go over to



Devin said...

I'll be praying that the big move goes excited for you all! :)

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

blessings with the move!! I had to stop by because my SIL's name is Mindy -- not too many folks who share that name :)

I love baked sweet potatoes -- thanks for reminding me I need to put them back on our menu!

Because of Love said...

How exciting that you get to move to a new house! And it sounds like it is a pretty house and will work well for your family. Plus I think a week off of a regular cooking schedule may be good for you. Enjoy it! :)