Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows (right now)

I can't seem to find time to complete any of the "meaty" posts that I have in my head to post, so I thought I would do a really fun post today. Amanda over at OhAmanda hosts Top Ten Tuesdays. I recently found her blog and it's great. If you don't read it, you should go check it out.

So, tonight I thought I'd participate by doing a Top Ten of my own. Plus - I thought it might be fun to look back someday and remember what my favorites once were!

Now, with out further top favorite TV shows as of today.

1. LOST -
I love this show! I am really sad that this is the last season.
For all you Losties out there, I've got two things to say:
I love Hurley and I really do think there is hope for Sayid!
2. I heart NCIS.
I find all the back episodes in reruns
and watch them .

3. If you have not seen Undercover Boss,you have to
check it out! It is a reality show that is worth seeing!

4. House --- Even though the title
character is, well- just mean. I like this show.

5. The Big Bang Theory is hilarious!

6. Survivor- Heroes versus Villains! I think I'm partial to the Heroes

7. CSI

8. Criminal Minds - Sometimes this show creeps
me out and I can't watch but it is really
interesting when I do.

9. American Idol - I always get sucked in!
And I think I want Kara's haircut!

10. Friends -
Old I know. BUT I love watching reruns of this show.
It never gets old!

You wanna join in for Top Ten Tuesday? Go see Amanda!
in HIM-


Lisa said...


Hurley is my favorite and we're all pulling for Amanda to win!

Party Box Design said...

Have you seen parenthood?!?

its soooooo good!

p.s. thanks for popping over to pbd!