Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Goodness. I just made this Menu Plan this morning and it's already changed. That's how it goes I guess!

My friend, Kandi, and I both make a menu plan each week and we were discussing this one day at lunch. Another friend was with us and she asked us to explain how we do that. In some ways our processes were the same and in others it was different.

So, I thought I would document how I go about making my Menu plan and executing it each week.

I start out by having a calendar meeting with hubby to see what we have going on during that week. Like if he, or I, or both of us have meetings to go to. That tells me a few things. It tells me if the meal needs to be fast (because one of us has somewhere to go), or if it could be slower or on the grill (because he is the griller) or if we only have a little time to eat so it needs to be from the crockpot. You know - that sort of thing.

After I know that , I look at the online version of the Ingles flyer. Ingles is my preferred grocery store in my area. I long for a Trader Joe's or a Harris Teeter, but so far- neither of those places are on their way to this little town so I shop mostly at Ingles. Mostly because I can get the things that I buy organic there. I look at the flyer to see what is on sale. Mostly, I'm looking to see if there are any organic meats on sale.

If there are organic meats on sale, I plan my meals on whatever meat or meats are on sale. I do try to buy in advance also. For example of organic roasts are on sale but I've already got all the meat meals I need for the week, I will go ahead and buy the roast and freeze it so that I get the deal on the meat.

I also try to do one night meatless every week. It used to be "meatless monday's" and sometimes it still is but not always. I also don't get a meatless meal in every week. My husband loves meat AND he is very picky - not eating many veggies at all. This makes it very difficult to go meatless and vegetarian at all. BUT I am trying so if you've got any good recipes for me, please do share! One other thing I do most every week is have Thursday be our "Leftovers Buffet".

I plan out all of the meals I need for that week and the sides to go with them. I then get out my monthly calendar and write in my menu for the week.

After I write it into my calendar, I make my grocery list. My grocery list is sectioned into area's of the grocery store. I have a section for produce, meats, dairy, frozen, personal/cleaning (which I get at Walmart usually because they are cheaper there) and a generic other. In the other category, I try and put things I know are on the same row at the store together.

WOW. Having written all of that out it seems like a whole lot. But really it's not. It's just my OCD organized way of getting my menu planning and my grocery shopping done in an orderly way. (read - so I won't forget any thing!)

SO, here is my Monday Menu Plan.

I hate to admit it but my kids like poptarts and eat them frequently.
on Saturday, we will have pancakes or waffles and bacon

Lunches ---
I rarely plan this since the big girls are in school.
They do pack lunches some days and they always make a sandwich or rollup of some kind.
The rest of us eat sandwiches, roll ups, soup, leftovers.

Monday - tonight hubs and I had a meeting so we went for Mexican after the meeting.
Tuesday - L has dance so it's crockpot day -- Crockpot Red Beans and Rice (also my meatless day this week
Wednesday -- Gathering Meal and Activities at Church
Thursday - Salmon Turnovers, green beans and fruit salad
Friday -- pizza night
Saturday -- Crockpot Chicken Tacos, Homemade Spanish Rice, Black Beans and Homemade Guacamole
Sunday -- I have bible study so K and the kids are on their own.

For more Menu Plans go and visit OrgJunkie right now! Hope your Monday was great! Mine has been filled with Menu's, Groceries, and laundry. Come back and visit with me tomorrow. I'm looking forward to tell you all about my new bible study at church. It's awesome!!!!

in HIM-


Anonymous said...

I love you, and I don't care how OCD, I mean, organized you are!! Menu planinng makes me happy!!

Although, i told you there was a lady in Ingles who had TYPED her list!!!! I am NOT that bad!

Good for you!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so bad with meal planning. I totally need to try this.

Elaine said...

Would love for you to post the recipe to the Crockpot Chicken Tacos and Homemade Guacamole :)

Wendy said...

First of all, please send me your homemade guacamole recipe. :)
Also I have a menu for each week. I make my grocery list according to which grocery store I go to. I know what is down each aisle of Wal-mart and Bi-Lo, so my list is in order so I don't have to search on the list. Also I pretty much know the prices of Wal-mart so if Bi-Lo is too high for a product then I get it at Wal-mart. See, we're all OCD. ha.

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