Monday, April 5, 2010

Brunch With The Bunny 2010

The last couple of years, our church has hosted a Brunch with the Bunny for the community. This year ours was this past Saturday and we had over 60 kids there. The Men of the church provided pancakes, fruit and sausage for brunch and we had some donations of bagels to go along with it.
After breakfast we had games and activities and pictures with the Easter Bunny. Here is the picture of my kids. At one point, the Bunny came in and led the kids in the Bunny Hop.

After the Bunny Hop, the kids were led into the Sanctuary for a short drama to tell the Easter Story. There were 4 characters to tell the story. They did an excellent job! Each child was given a stone to remember that the stone was rolled away and HE is indeed risen!
After the drama, we separated the kids into groups and let them have an Easter Egg hunt. I have no pictures of that. I was helping the bunny get to each of the hunts so he could be there.
At the very end as people were leaving the Easter Bunny came back in to visit with the few kids who were left. I love these next few pictures so much and will cherish the forever.....

You may wonder why I loved them so much and why I had my picture taken with my kids and the bunny.
See, it's really a family photo. Hubs was the bunny!
Shhhhh. Don't tell my kids. They don't know!!!
In HIM---


Wendy said...

Great idea! Where'd you get the costume? 60 kids is a great turnout. We had our egg hunt a couple of weeks ago and it's the only day in a while we had torrential rains, so we didn't have a good turnout. :( Maybe next year.

Jennifer said...

The picture of all the kids and the bunny is AMAZING!!!! HOW did you get all of them smiling and looking the same way?!? Great event- we had so much fun!

Susan said...

You're pics are so cute! B sure does love that bunny!

sanjeet said...

simply awesome pics
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