Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At the Bus Stop

Last year, I would drive A and M to school in the mornings. In the afternoons, I would put L and B in the car around 2 and go sit in the car line to pick the other two up from school. School lets out at about 2:45 so we would sit there for that 45 minutes. Well. For me, it worked out fabulously. I'd turn on a move for L to watch and B would take his afternoon nap in the car line. I then would do my bible study at that time.

When it came time for school to start this year, I had planned on doing exactly the same thing but I did have one struggle. B was now 1 and wanting to drop (at least some of the time) his morning nap which meant a longer afternoon nap. A and M begged to ride the bus home in the afternoons. I REALLY didn't want them to ride the bus......too many big kids and too much free time with no one supervising conversations on the bus for me. But, I finally relented and let them ride the bus.

The bus doesn't stop at our house, so we have to pick the girls up at the bus stop -- which is in front of the church. On rainy or really cold days, we drive down to get them but on nice days we walk.
B loves to go down and watch for the bus. Here is picture walk through a trip to the bus stop.

L says this cloud looks like a 2.
And it did. Until it moved.
But if you use your imagination, you can still see it. Sort of.

Sitting at the bus stop.
We always start off sitting....

Behind that passy, he is saying "Car!"

L thought she would do a little tumbling.
I told her that it wouldn't be a good idea because the concrete would hurt.
"No, it won't!" she said.....
She got this far and changed her mind.

B threw some mulch....

We talked to the little girl across the street.

B wants to go down the big stairs.

I say, "No. You have to stay up here."

I sit him down on the step. Being 19 months, he decides

to pitch a fit and slides off the step. Thus, scratching his back.

L picks me a flower (can you see it behind my ear?).

And takes a picture of it.

B tries sitting on the edge since I won't let him go down the steps.

OHHH! The bus finally comes.
B is so excited but a little scared so he
crawls in my lap.

A gets off the bus!

M gets off the bus!

And then we start the long walk back home.
But it is a super sweet time with the little two as we
wait for the bigger girls!



Cheryl said...

How fun!!!
So glad the weather's getting nice so you guys can walk to the bus stop!

Wendy said...

Riding the bus was always an education in itself. We had lots of good times on it though, remember?

Lisa said...

Sweet ... waiting for the big girls to get home!

Ginger said...

Made me (almost) cry!! They grow up WAY TOO FAST!!!! Love & miss you!!

kanishk said...

so nice of you
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