Monday, March 22, 2010

An Eventful Weekend

Wow. This is my 500th post.

We've had a pretty eventful weekend. On Friday Miss A had her first ever presentation to give at school. They were asked to pick a historical figure and do a presentation on them. A picked Laura Ingalls Wilder. She looked very cute dressed as Wilder. I am very proud of her. She did a fantastic job and unlike her Mom, wasn't nervous at all. She must get that from her Daddy who speaks to a crowd all the time.
Saturday was a beautiful day! We spent some time playing on the playground at our church. It was a beautiful warm day! So nice.
On Sunday, we went to church, of course. Then we went to lunch on the way to the Young Artists Show at a local University. Miss M. 's Georgia O'Keefe drawing was selected as one of only 15% of the whole schools art work to be displayed. I was very proud of her also! She was very excited to get there and find her artwork, but then sort of just took it all in stride.

We had a fantastic family weekend! I hope that you all did, too!

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He & Me + 3 said...

She is the cutest Laura Ingalls Wilder. Adorable dress. Love the picture on the slide. So sweet. Congrats on having her artwork on display. How fun.

Devin said...

That picture on the slide is the BEST! That deserves 'blow-up & framed' status! :)

Wendy said...

Love the Laura Ingalls Wilder dress. Reminds me of Heritage Sunday.

Mindy said...

Wendy --- it reminded me of the same thing! I even told Ken all about it.
I don't think he was as impressed as I always was with Heritage Sunday =)

Ginger said...

If I could afford it, I would buy us tix for Little House on the Prairie!! I had no idea it was coming to Atlanta until I read it on here. Love that your girls love those stories as much as we did!