Monday, March 15, 2010

The Flamingo Flu!

That's right the Flamingo Flu has infected my house!

Our Youth Group has been running a fundraiser for the past month or so. The Flamingo Flu has struck all over town in yards of church members and their friends. In another churches front yard. Everywhere.

Flu Season ended this past Sunday. It was a very successful fundraiser for your youth group. And they loved sneaking around "flocking" people's yards.
Since the event ended this past weekend, and we had to that point avoiding being infected, I thought we had dodged a bullet.
However, it seems that ours was the last house to be flocked.
During Sunday School this past Sunday those sneaky kids adorned my yard with all of these beautiful pink flamingos.
It really is a sight to see.....
Pink Flamingo's everywhere!
And while I must admit that it is rather amusing--Especially to see people walk by our house and wonder about this pink infestation, these 4 have me beat. They are truly tickled pink.

They are hoping
that the flamingo's

can stay!

Especially this little boy.
Who spent the afternoon trying to kiss them all!

I'm ok with the pink birds decorating my yard for a few days......but I think my kids wish they could stay.
We're thinking of begging to keep a couple just for B, who loves them so. They will be put elsewhere front yard isn't the place for a forever home!..



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Cute idea!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh that sounds like a fun fundraiser. Love the pink flamingos. Too cute kissing the flamingo