Thursday, March 4, 2010

18 Months and Haircuts

I honestly cannot believe that my baby is 18 months old. I know that everyone says that about their kids. That it "seems like just yesterday that he was born". But I really don't know where the last year and a half has gone. It has flown by.
So, let's see B, what are you up to these days?

*You are walking everywhere and trying hard to run. One of my favorite things is to hear you toddling around the house!

*You are a picky eater. Which isn't surprising given that your Daddy and sisters are picky, too. I'm working on that though!

*You do LOVE bananas, blueberries, cheese and milk. And any kind of candy. You learned about that very quickly thanks to your sisters.

*You love your blanket and passy and won't sleep without them.

*Speaking of sleep, you still rarely sleep through the night.

*And if you wake up at night, you refuse to go back to sleep in your bed. Preferring to sleep and snuggle with Mommy. Which, while really sweet, is something I'm hoping will end soon. kinda.

*You are learning more words every day. Right now, you can say: MaMa, DaDa, dog pronounced "daw", bye bye, go, juice (pronounced "juw" and refers to anything you drink), no no (pronounced "nuh-nuh"), yes (pronounced "yesh" and always includes a head nod), more (pronounced 'mo' always including the sign language to go with it), all gone (pronounced "aw gaow"- also always done with sign language), hi and hey - kind of combined together...., you say "ice" for eyes, and "no" for nose. And you say "SSSSSSSSS" for ssshhhh and put your finger over your mouth. You say "ot" for hot and "ock" for sock.

*You also do some sign language. You know the signs for eat, more, drink, all done or all gone, please, thank you , and your welcome.

* You can name some body parts when asked. You point to your nose, mouth, and hair every time your asked. You know your eyes, ears, fingers and toes but rarely choose to do that for us.

*You love your sisters and get really excited to see them when they come home from school.

*You don't really like to give out hugs and kisses as much as I would like.

* You do the Fish Face and I love that.

* You love to play in the bathtub! Whenever anyone is taking a bath, you are literally begging to get in and play.

*I'm loving learning about boys. You are definitely all boy, too. You love cars, trucks and trains. You also love dirt and seem to be drawn to it. You love to be outside and I can't wait until it starts warming up so you can get outside and play in the dirt. You also like to ride on your sisters Dora big wheel. I'm thinking a riding toy for your birthday will be a perfect gift!

*You are always ready to go. When we say "Let's go", you run and get your coat so you will be ready to get out the door. However, riding for long periods in your carseat is NOT something you like.

I honestly can't believe he is growing up so fast. K and I took him to get his hair cut today. This was his 2nd hair cut but since I wasn't at the first one, the only pic. was taken on hubs here are some pics from today. He did very well sitting in the chair. We think that since this is just the second time, he was still really unsure about it so he sat very still for most of the hair cut.

See, doesn't he look unsure?
and still.....see - unsure....

Look at this handsome little boy!

And after it was done, wow!
OH! And his other new word "Cheeeeee"

Doesn't he look like such a big boy? Makes me a little sad but, oh how I love this sweet big boy.
in HIM -


Sherry said...

He is just precious! What a sweet memory. Did he get a certficate of bravery for his first haircut? The barber gave our son a certficate. I thought that was so cool.


Susan said...

He looks so handsome!

He & Me + 3 said...

He is adorable & so smart. I love that he puts his little finger over his mouth and says sssssss for shhhh! CUTE. I love the new do. Precious.

Lisa said...

What a sweetheart!

Amanda said...

OH MY GOODNESS is he adorable!!! I want to kiss those cheeks and squeeze him in big hugs! He's so stinkin' cute!!!

Wendy said...

What a cutie! I can't believe his hair is sooo blonde!