Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toothless Wonder and An Awesome Giveaway

This little girl has lost three teeth in TWO days. I just have to share with you how she lost these teeth. It wasn't an accident or anything so don't worry!
Day before yesterday, she and I were doing her homework which was for her to read to me. Anyway, I noticed that one of her top front teeth was hanging a little lower than the other. So I asked her if she had a loose tooth. She said that she had three and proceeded to show me that she did, in fact, have three loose teeth. Two of them were actually on the verge of falling out. She didn't seem in much of a hurry to pull them so her sister, A, offered to pull them for her. That very night she let A pull the first one and then last night in about 5 minutes flat A had pulled the other two. It sort of wigs me out that A. like to pull teeth so much. Maybe she'll become a dentist.
Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy has been busy. And didn't forget to come this time......Tooth Fairy is also out of money. Good thing she has no more loose teeth. She does, however, look super cute with this toothless grin. Makes me a little sad to know that she is going to change so much in the next year or her sister did.


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I had super big plans for this Wednesday. I was going to finish shopping for L's Pink Pirate Party that has been rescheduled for this Saturday. I also needed to go grocery shopping-- we are out of milk for the girls and various other things. Then this happened.
Miss A woke up at 1AM this morning and kept telling me that she couldn't sleep. I kept sending her back to bed with encouragements like "Talk to God and ask Him to help you sleep" or "Think about good things" and even "just try." (I know -- Not a Stellar Mom moment). Finally I got up and tucked her in, leaned down to give her a kiss and realized that she was burning up! Yep - she had a fever of over 101.
Then I awoke at 5:45 AM--- Mr. B had moved to my bed around 3 AM and was waking up..... to find "THIS JUST IN -- Our county schools were cancelled for today". Because of the blizzard that has clearly dumped a whole dusting of snow at my house.
Guess it was just as well since A. wouldn't have gone to school anyway. BUT NOW we has had 1 day of Spring Break taken away and I doubt that there are any workdays left for the whole school year. I really do love a good snow but at this point -- Between all the sickness around here and the prospect of added school days -- I'm ready for spring.
Ya'll have a great Wednesday. I've got lots of house work to do around here since I won't be getting out..... And lots of time to hang with my kids =)
in HIM --


Wendy said...

Sometimes I think I'll go crazy if spring doesn't hurry and get here! I'm so tired of sickness and having to stay in!!
And we still don't know who Lila looks like. :) She looks a little different since SHE cut her hair a couple of weeks ago leaving huge, yes huge, gaps. She looks like a punk rocker now.

Queen Bee said...

hey mindy, no my friend doesn't have a website for her shirts. she so should. love the new look of the blog! kelly

Lisa said...

Gavin has been losing teeth like crazy too. I wonder if it's a 2nd child thing? It seems like he's lost more than Silas!