Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bigger Pictures

Please - someone tell me how to get huge pictures like here and here?

Anyone? I really want my pics to show up larger!


In Him-


Wendy said...

I always have to resize my pics, for the blog, but I guess I do it in photoshop. I go to "image" then "size." I will say though that Tad always says not to do them too large because it takes other people too long to load them...especially if anyone who looks at your blog uses dial-up.

Kendra Lee said...

Blogger gives you sizing options when you upload your pix.

Amanda said...

I just found out about windows Live Writer. It acts like a Word doc but publishes to your blog when you're done. It has SO Many cool features, one of which is you can make your photo any size you want. You can also watermark it. It's like a program that does everything you want to be able to do with your blog writing/posting. I probably don't know everything it does, but it's REALLY cool!!!

Because of Love said...

I want to know too!!! Someone told me it was something to do with photobucket, but I have no clue how to actually do it. If you learn any cool tricks, you must let me know!!!