Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Resolutions....

Well, I'm a little late sharing my list of resolutions with you this year but I have been working on them.....somewhat. As I know you've all been waiting with baited breath to hear what they are -- here is the run down.

This year I will be organized. I used to have "command center" notebook of sorts where I kept everything I needed including a house cleaning schedule and a daily schedule, as well as my "spring cleaning" list and schedule. It also included things that I needed to keep up with -- school schedules and that sort of thing. It was always with my calendar so I could easily get to what I needed and get on with my day. I stopped using it when I got pregnant with B. I plan to rework my command center notebook and start using it everyday.

I also plan to get my house back in shape after all the holidays and get all the spaces that get junked up -- the pantry, the drawers, closets -- all organized. See, those things will go on my Big projects list in my notebook. =)

This year I will become a healthier person Mentally and Emotionally. I will learn to deal with my anxiety. I have refused to believe that I even have an anxiety problem for a couple of years now. I always thought that when someone had panic attacks, they were in direct response to a stressor. I'm learning that isn't so. I am learning that I have all the symptoms of a major anxiety issue. So, this year, I plan to figure out some ways to deal with the anxiety. One of those ways is to go to Yoga and Pilates classes. There are various other things I will do to help deal with my anxiety but this is one of them. I went to Yoga today for the first time. YEAY ME!

That leads me to the next thing This year I will become a healthier person Physically. Yoga and Pilates help here, too. But I plan to find a way to add some cardio of some kind into my days, too. Maybe I will get out and ride the girls scooters they got for Christmas. I will also eat better. And by proxy, my family will eat better,too. For a while now, I've been working on cutting down the amount of red meat we eat and having a meatless supper once a week. A friends of mine has "Meatless Monday's" -- I love it! And I might just decide to do that, too! I will also work on getting more sleep. B is beginning to sleep better and I will do my best to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I will also be working on drinking those 8 glasses of water a day. Today, so far, I've had about 20 oz. Wow. Long way to go still.

This year I will become a healthier person Spiritually. I will read the whole bible this year. I bought a 1 year bible yesterday. I'm a few days behind because I just got it -- but I will be reading two days each day til I catch up. I'm looking forward to what this alone will do for my time with God. I also plan on getting back to my times that I spend with God each day. I like to have three. I will be returning to getting up at 6AM and having some prayer time and reading time. Then I put B down for a nap at 1PM and L has some tv time. I do some reading then, too. And some praying. I try to pick a book that is going to spur me on in my journey of faith. Lastly, before I go to bed, I will do my daily bible reading in my 1 year bible and have another prayer time. I can't wait to see what all of this does for my relationship with God and with others! I long to be a better Mother and Wife and just plain be WHO God is calling me to be -- and this is the best way I can think of to move toward those goals.

This year I will contribute to the Spiritual Growth of my children. Hubs and I agree that we will be even more conscious of how much we talk about what God is doing in our lives with our children as it is appropriate. For a while, I was working on memory verses with our girls and they were doing great. Then, school started and that kind of fell to the wayside. I plan to get back to it and figure out when we can fit it into our day again.

SO, wow. That's a LOT but I think it's all do-able. It's all out there for the world to see and ya'll can now hold me accountable to these things this year.

What about you? Did you make 2010 resolutions?

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Ginger said...

I'm SO proud of you for putting these resolutions out there!! When I go to Yoga/Pilates class at my gym - I LOVE IT! It does wonders for my stress level & the way I feel emotionally, physically & mentally. I will pray it will do the same for you! :) My resolution is to be more intentional this year. I'll hopefully be writing about it on my blog soon because the blog is something I want to be intentional about as well. ;) Love you!

Faye said...

Hello there my sweet Mindy.I enjoyed your post.My daughter has panic attacks.Sometimes they are really bad.I will tell her about this. Thank-u for sharing. Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Wendy said...

Good luck on keeping these. I wish I could be better organized, but something always seems to interrupt my daily scheduled things. I've heard that the amount of water one should drink depends on how much he/she weighs. So maybe you don't have to drink quite so much. I think I would float away if I drank what's suggested. :)

Devin said...


I just wanted to encourage you on reading the Bible through! I did this in 2009 for the first time in my life.

I'm pretty sure that I have read most of the Bible, but I have just never read all the way through from cover to cover, and I did do it last year! I read the NIV (Women's Daily Devotional Bible, I think was what it is called), and, though there are a lot of difficult passages (hello Old Testament--Ezekiel, for example? Some of the prophetic prophets? Yikes!) my eyes were so opened to things I had missed before. I really enjoyed it!

This year, based on a recommendation I saw on the Proverbs 31 ministries site, I ordered the NLT One year Chronological Bible. It takes the Bible and arranges it in the order of events--I'm so excited to get it! Should be here tomorrow. I ordered it on Amazon, hard cover, for $16.50!

So, it is worth it...can be tough some days, and I did fall behind a few times, but I always caught up and it felt great to complete that goal. Keep us posted on how you do! :)

Be back tomorrow!

Elaine said...

Those are all great resolutions Mindy! I think I need my own personal command center! And, good for you for taking control of your anxiety. I have anxiety issues too, and they are very real. Sometimes results of stressors, sometimes not. I've always heard that Yoga is fabulous to relieve stress! So, definitley, Yay You!!!! I've tried many years to read the bible all the way through. Life always gets in the way. Which bible did you buy? Maybe I can snag one and we could be buddies? Seems like you stay focused when you have someone to be accountable to...

Hugz!!!!!! Happy 2010!