Friday, February 27, 2009

I Blinked.....

...and 6 months passed.

B turned 6 months old yesterday. I truly long to slow down and take in every moment of my children's lives. I'm feeling quite nostalgic here is a look back at how this baby boy has changed in the past six months.

Minutes old...
1 Month old... 2 Months old...
3 Months old....
4 Months old...
5 Months old... And this one was yesterday.....6 Months old....
Lord, help me not to get so caught up in all I "have to do", in the total busyness if my life that I miss the NOW. Amen.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lest You Think I've Got It All Together

My middle daughter, M, lost her first tooth on Monday. She has been waiting for months to lose a tooth and have the tooth fairy come see her. Her tooth finally started getting loose this past weekend. She wiggled it and wiggled it and wiggled it all weekend.

Monday afternoon she jumped in the car when I picked her up and smiled really big to reveal a hole where her tooth used to be. She was so proud. "Ms. Sandra pulled it." she said. Ms. Sandra had even made a tiny envelope for her tooth that was all decorated for the tooth fairy.

So, M put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. And spend all evening discussing the finer arts of tooth placement under her pillow and how much money the TF might leave. She even remembered to put out the glass of water.....I never mention this as I hope they will forget it each time....
Ya'll.....I FORGOT to go back and put the dollar under her pillow.

When I woke up yesterday morning it was to M's crying that the Tooth fairy didn't come....
I felt so bad!!!! I did avert the crisis by convincing M that maybe the dollar had just fallen under her bed and I would help her look for it. So, I grabbed the dollar, folded it up very little and went to her room. I reached under her pillow to "feel" for the dollar and pulled the corner of the sheet up so that it appeared that the money flew out.
I wasn't too sure what I was going to say about the fairy not coloring the water but my 7 year old took care of that by telling her that it was "probably a diamond fairy so the water was still clear"
Phwew! Crisis averted.....but not before I felt like the biggest member of the Loser Mom Club!
M was so excited that the Tooth fairy did indeed come that she had to take her money to school for show and tell. When I picked M up from school that afternoon, the principal told me that they had had so much fun hearing about M's tooth that day. She said that M was telling everyone "I got a whole dollar....A whole dollar and it was such a little tooth!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Changing My Character

So, remember when I told you that God had called me to do this?

Well - he hasn't let me off the hook. And he faithfully provided not one but THREE friends to be my accountability partners.....So, I have a lot of people making sure I make it through this challenge.

Now let me go ahead and just confess. I should be on about day 11.....well, I'm not. I'm on day 2.
I did days 1 and 2 with out TOO awful much trouble and then fell right off the wagon for the rest of the week. I am doing my best to blame it on the business of my life-- and that is true -- I am busy -VERY busy. But, God doesn't want my excuses - he wants my obedience so I'm at it again.

What I am finding though in just days 1 and 2 is that I have big character flaws.
I don't really claim to be an optimist.....but I didn't realize how negative I am a lot of the time. Day One's challenge is to be patient and not say anything negative to my husband and if I can't say something positive then DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL -- as Mama always said.

Well - I'm here to tell ya'll that I'm (apparently) pretty negative and I'm also not very good at keeping my mouth shut. And I KNOW that this is God working on my character. I believe that one way God shows us what he wants us to work on is through the themes in our lives. And can I tell ya'll that not only am I working on keeping my mouth shut in my marriage with this Love Dare but also last week in my bible study -- the WHOLE CHAPTER was on Taming My Tongue!

To say that God is trying to teach me to be quiet is an understatement. This is very difficult for a girl who is known for her ability to talk......I don't mean I'm famous, just that in my family -- I'm known as the one who never stops talking. So much so that when I was younger, my dad would come downstairs to the kitchen where I would (of course) be talking to my Mom, and say "Mindy, can you just be quiet for a while? You've not taken a breath all morning."......

So, I'm getting the drift that God is working on my character in more than a few ways......I've also realized that I cannot do it without him. AND that it is a minute by minute (second by second?!) reliance on HIM. Just this morning I was nursing B at about 5 AM and I was praying and asking God to help me be patient and do "acts of kindness" for my hubs today....that is today's challenge....and then not two hours later, I was complaining at him....and can I tell you that I was complaining about something that was totally inconsequential?!?!

All this changing is hard.....I'm not complaining and being negative of course.....

I'm just saying.

Monday, February 23, 2009

MPM - Feb. 23,2009

I am about to run out to the grocery store, and then get on with the rest of my day, but I wanted to post my MPM this week. I am still working on "budget friendly" and healthy!!!

A couple of things that am doing differently.....I'm shopping the sales....I get the sales flyers for our local grocery stores and I'm trying to plan my menu's accordingly. As far as to be more healthy, I am trying to eat a couple of meatless meals each week. I'm not a fan of tofu normally but I've got something up my sleeve this week....we will see how it goes!

So, here it is....


b- cereal/poptarts (I let them choose on Monday mornings)

l - leftover calzone's (mine is spinach and mushroom yum!)

s - grilled salmon, brown rice, green beans with whole grain bread


b- eggs, toast

l - eggplant sandwiches

s- BBQ sandwiches, slaw, sweet potatoes (I got a Boston Butt on sale last week and I cut it in half so it will provide two meals for us)

*I will also get whole grain sandwich rolls for both of these sandwiches**


b-cereal with fruit

l- turkey wraps

s- Ash Wednesday service at church....We will have pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday before the service.


b- Whole Wheat strawberry muffins

l - Spinach, mushroom and cheese quesadillas

s- meatless spaghetti (with soy crumbles -we will see how this goes over), salad and whole grain bread


b- cereal bars

l - open

s-leftovers buffet or out


b- eggs, oatmeal, maybe bacon

l- open (hoping to plan an outing with some friends)

s- pinto beans and cornbread

Sunday -

b- poptarts

l- sandwiches

s- out

There it is. Ya'll have a great Monday! Go over to Laura's place for more menu's!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Crush

Remember the other day, when I told ya'll that A got a stuffed animal for Valentine's day?

Well, yesterday, when I picked them up from school, I asked as I always do, "How was school today?

A immediatedly said "Great!"

She neve responds with great so I was surprised!

I asked: "What was so great about it?"

A: We got to have Oreo's for snack and the girls got to sit down and the boys had to bring us our nakins, and snack and drink.

Me: "Were they in trouble for something? (thinkink maybe the boys were talking so they had server duty)

A: "No, Ms. Kelly just said. Zeke brought mine because I was in the bathroom.

Me: "I think Zeke kind of likes A."

A: "I think A kind of likes Zeke, too!"

Yes, she is in the 1st grade. At first I was thinking "really? a crush in the first grade?" And then then I remembered that when I was in the 1st grade I had a huge crush on a boy named Scott Everitt.....and I was so upset when I found out he liked a girl named Ginger Hill..... But I'm still not sure I'm ready for this with my own girls......

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I get 'virtue alerts' from Vickie Courtney in my email.....this was this mornings virtue alert.

And if you click here, you can see a video.....

OH, Jesus, what is becoming of this world? "Value-less s*x education"? Really?

I'm speechless.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hey there.....a cold has been running a muck in my family for the past week or so. And of course, baby B is getting the worst of it. We took a trip to the pediatrician yesterday to find that he has an ear infection. Luckily the RSV test was negative but since his pulse ox was down some we are still doing breathing treatment's three times a day....but hopefully the antibiotics and breathing treatments will do their job so we don't have to go back to the doctor again.

Here's hoping.....

So, I gotta talk to ya'll about something. For all of you ladies out there that share this role of Mom it will come as no surprise that it is without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever done....and it is also the most WONDERFUL thing I've ever done.....and it is also the scariest thing I've ever done. Being responsible for another human being is incredibly overwhelming at times. Especially considering my huge limitations at it. My humanness steps all over my wanna be perfection all the time. God has been talking with me about the importance of family in the past year or so....I've shared this before. I long to be the Proverbs 31 woman in every way.....knowing I will never get there this side of heaven, I just want to be able to look at my life and see growth. I want to pay attention to every moment of their lives and savor those moments. I want to really KNOW each of my children and their likenesses and their differences and love them accordingly.

One of my biggest struggles right now is the bickering that goes on between my girls. They fight a LOT lately.....seems like constantly. We wake up to arguments and sometimes even go to bed with arguments. I do believe that some arguing is part of childhood but I feel like at my house it has gotten out of hand.

I'm leading a study at church right now on a book called Don't Make Me Count To Three. It is a great book and I recommend it to every mom out there. It is all about getting behind the behavior to what's happening in the heart. To the sin nature of our making them aware of that and bringing them to a place where they can really evaluate their own behaviors by looking at their heart issues.....Parenting by The Book. It is great and I am learning a LOT!

And there is part of me that is God giving me opportunity to practice what I'm preaching learning through all the parenting issue's we are having recently? Or is it the devil.....trying to break me and keep me from that growth I so long for?

Maybe it's both.....what do ya'll think?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Notes From the Past Week

Wow. Last week was incredibly busy. Besides our regular 4 days of dance, we had something EVERY! NIGHT!! A few notes about life last week.....
Monday night hubs had a meeting at church and it was A's classes night to lead PTO so the rest of us went to that. They showed us that they are learning to "skip count" in 1st grade.

Tuesday night hubs again had a meeting at church and A and M had girl scouts. They came home telling me all about girl scout camp this summer and "Can we go Mom?" Because it is "Pony Daze" camp and what girl doesn't want to go to Girl Scout camp and ride horses for a week......Did I mention that the camp itself is about 2 hours away and it is day camp -- except for 1 night is sleepover? AND that it costs an $300 each for them to go?

Wednesday night was our regularly scheduled activities at church.

On Thursday K and I both had to be at a board meeting at 4pm for the new Early Learning Center we are starting at our church with the two new staff members that were hired. Then we had to be back at church at 6:30PM because we are now doing Financial Peace University that night. And while I am learning lots, Dave is stepping all over my non-manicured(pedicured?) toes!

Friday was, of course, Valentine's parties at school. My girls all had so much fun at their parties. I was flabbergasted when I picked up A and found that she was given a stuffed puppy by a little boy in her classroom and as she said "I was the only one he gave one to"......1st grade......I can't believe it!

Friday night was the Father Daughter Valentine's Dance. It was held at our church but was sponsored by the Downtown association. There were many of my daughters' friends there so they had a blast! Not to mention getting to put on a pretty dress, a corsage from Daddy (made by Mommy) and go dance with Daddy,too. But as M told me when the got home "I danced with Daddy a little bit, but mostly I danced with Natalie and Samantha". I'd show you pictures, bu my camera (of course) batteries went completely dead right at the moment I was going to take some. I did get this one picture of M. They did take pictures at the dance, and as soon as I get them, I will share.

My family left the dance early and at 8PM we were in the car and made the 3.5 hour trip to Climax, NC. We arrived to my inlaws empty house and fell in bed at about midnight only to get up at 6 AM yesterday (saturday) morning. We got up and continued on to Wake Forest, NC (another 2 hours away) where my hubs officiated the funeral of my step-MIL's father. Her father died from lung cancer. I found it very ironic at that after the graveside there were people standing around smoking. I also realized that my children haven't been around too many people who smoke when we had this conversation while sitting in the car waiting on Daddy to join us.

M "What are those white things in those people's mouths?"

Me "Cigarettes. Those are really bad for you. You should never start smoking. They can make you very sick and can even cause you to die. They also make you cough a lot and make your clothes smell like smoke all the time and it is really hard to quit if you start smoking." (Can you tell I'm really trying to discourage them from smoking!!!???)

A "But you can quit, there is a special gum you can chew and it makes you quit."

Me "Well, there is gum that can help you TRY to quit but it is very hard to quit. Cigarettes are addictive and it is hard to quit once you start smoking."

A "Yeah, like drugs."

Me "Yes."

A "And candy."

Me "Candy's not really addictive but it can seem like we are addicted sometimes."

A "I think I'm a little addicted, though." (I tend to agree)

We then drove all the way (6 1/2 hours including two stops) home on Saturday. And did I mention that as is par for the course for us whenever we travel, we had a sick kid. B is running a fever and coughing and is all snotty again. I'm hoping we aren't having a repeat of RSV.....
One of the places we stopped was to eat supper at our fav. Mexican Restaurant, in our previous hometown, called El Paso. If you read this and you are from there, let me go ahead and say I'm sorry we didn't let you know we were coming was 6 pm on Valentine's Day......I figured you already had plans. We do love Mexican. All of us. The girls converge on chips and salsa like a bunch of vultures.....especially L.
And B., he just loves real food. I was hoping to only nurse until he is 6 months old. Not gonna happen. This 5 1/2 month old boy wants to eat! He actually cried one night when the rest of the family ate chili and no one would give him any. Here he is trying a tortilla chip last night.
It worked great until he figured out he could break it into smaller pieces. That was the end of chips for him.
And now, here I sit on Sunday --at 12:09 pm, having missed church with the aforementioned sick baby,thinking that this upcoming week looks just as, if you don't hear much from me, you'll know why.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Red Day Wishes

Wishing you all a very special Valentine's Day 2009!!!!

I will be spending my weekend with my sweet valentine's!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Til Jesus Comes

This is a conversation I had recently with L.

L: "look Mom, I made a cross with these pens."

Me, " Good job, L!"

L:, " I'm going to leave it here til' we die. Cause Jesus died."

Me: " We probably won't live here when we die."

L: Well, then I'm gonna leave it here til Jesus comes."

I couldn't help but wonder which one would happen first.
Have a fabulous Thursday!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Marriage Dare from God

Lately, God has been talking to me alot about my marriage. See, it is really easy for me to sit and dwell on what I think K needs to do to "fix" our marriage. To really make it better. And I have a good long list.

Recently, when I was complaining praying to God about all these things, He spoke to me. I need to be honest here and say that usually when I'm airing my list to God, He listens and then reminds me that I play a part in this marriage, too. Most of the time, my stubborn self tends to move right on past that part. Much like my children do when they have a part in a struggle, but just want to get their own way........

Anyway - this time, I actually took note of what God was saying to me. He told me I had a part in this and no matter if K ever changed the way he does things that drive me nuts, that I can change the way I react, respond, relate to him......

So, we, and by we- I mean me and God, talked about (read He told me) what I should do different.
Did I mention that God and I talk alot when I'm in the bathtub? Long soaks in the tub are something I love and God and I seem to meet there often. That is where this conversation happened.
Well, the next night while I soaked, God met me and began talking with me again about this thing called marriage. He reminded me again about what I need to do differently, and this time -- he reminded me of the purpose of marriage in this life.
Marriage, in this life, is to be an experience that teaches us about how to truly relate to God. God talked to me that day about this. He told me that if I never learn to love K the way I should, then I will never learn to love him the way I should. And how am I to love Christ? Selflessly. More than anything in the whole world. Respectfully. And all those things? That is how I am supposed to love my hubby, too. NO matter that he is human and not as easy to love as Jesus. It is my responsibility to love him as I love Christ. To respect him. To submit to him....

I'm not gonna lie ya'll, that conversation? It was a lot to swallow. Matter of fact, I ended up in tears, crying out in prayer for forgiveness for how I've spent the last 8 years looking at my marriage.

That brings me to this.
Back at Christmas I bought books for both K and I. I gave him his copy for Christmas (I'm forever trying to help him out with is part in "fixing" our marriage, ya know). I read one day of the book, and didn't get very far with it and I know that K hasn't even opened his copy..... thus, part of my conversation with God. God reminded me of the book, and told me to do it myself ---no matter if K ever does it or not.

My selfish human self doesn't really like that idea, I have to admit. However, God desires obedience from me *with a happy heart* (as I often tell my children), and therefore, I will do it.

This is where ya'll come in. Some of you might have heard of this book, The Love Dare. It was featured in the movie, Fireproof. I haven't seen the movie yet. I have plans to see it as soon as I have a chance. Everyone has just raved about it! Anyway, God is calling me to "DO" this book. TO spend the time and the effort to really do my part in making my husband feel loved. Here's the rub. I NEED some accountability. I tend start well and end terribly.

What do ya say? Anyone out there want to join me on this venture? Maybe we can keep each other accountable and take time to see (discuss) the fruits of our efforts.

I plan to start day one over again on Saturday. Yes, Valentine's Day. I figure there is no better Valentine's gift than to become the wife my husband deserves. So, if you want to join me on this quest-- it is a 40 day journey--leave me a comment and we can figure it all out.

Ya'll have a good Tuesday.

ps - my laptop should be back tomorrow. TO say that I can't wait is a HUGE understatement!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mama's Boy

One thing I've learned so far about the difference in boys and girls is that little boys WANT their mama's.
I was always so proud of my ability to be able to hand my girls to anyone and they (for the most part) were happy. Not B. He at 5 months old, will lunge at me as soon as he sees me. And it really doesn't matter who is holding him. He loves his daddy and is perfectly content to be with him.....unless he sees me or hears me.

I was very proud of the fact that all three of my girls did really well sleeping as infants. They slept in their own beds, in their own rooms, all night long. Not B. When he had RSV, I put him in bed with me so I could hear him breathing. Now he WILL NOT sleep without me. So, lately- it's been me and B in the bed and K's been sleeping on the couch.....not so good, I know.

I really don't know how to change this.....I've been known in the past to say that they have to cry it out....and I do believe there is credibility in that. However, at this point, I have three other children that I have to take care of and do for during the daytime hours and it is so much easier for me to just let B sleep with me.

I fear for the future when he is already this attached to me......
Ya'll have any advice?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh NO!

SO, this afternoon I tripped over the cord of my new laptop that I got for Christmas.....

Now it won't charge.....looks like I broke something.

To say K isn't happy that I broke something and that it is going to cost $130 to fix it, is an understatement.

To say I've been so spoiled with being about to use my laptop whenever, where ever and now am bumming that I once again have to go "all the way downstairs" to use the desktop.....that might be an understatement, too.

On a lighter note, my M just came in and said

"Mom, you know what happened at school today?"

Me, "What?"

M,"Well, I"m just gonna spell this. Montana was K-I-S-S-I-M-G Brandon today. And that is against the rooz, so Natalie HAD to tell on them."

A bit of a bright spot in my day =)

Hopefully I'll manage another post know, if walking doesn't prove too difficult for me.

MPM- Feb.2, 2009

Hubs and I are doing Financial Peace University at church. While doing our "quickie budget" I saw that our food budget is, ahem, a lot more than I think it should be. Therefore, I spent a LOT of time on Saturday looking for recipes. Recipes that are budget friendly, yet- still healthy.

It proved to be a difficult task. It is really easy to eat on a low budget if you eat lots of pre-packaged, not so good for you kind of foods. It is easy to eat very healthy if you have an unlimited budget.....To accomplish both -- NOT EASY. I spent hours reviewing recipes.....

Here is what I came up with for this week. One thing you will notice is that I've added in breakfast menu's and some lunch menu's also. I'm trying to get my kids to eat something other than poptarts and pb&j everyday.....


breakfast - cereal/cereal bars

lunch - girls will eat at school/ K and I sandwiches/ turkey wraps, fruits and veggies

supper - eating out before PTO program


breakfast - eggs and toast

lunch - turkey wraps, fruit and veggies

supper - Crockpot lasagne, salad


breakfast - cereal (hubs has dentist appt. at 7:30 AM)

lunch - me - out with the girls after community bible study/girls school/K might not be able to eat....

supper - Gathering Meal at church-- I think Lemon Herb Chicken Pasta


lunch - English muffin pizza's and veggies

supper - Chili


breakfast: homemade almond coconut granola

lunch: girls at school/ K and I leftovers

supper: Homemade pizza


breakfast - Blueberry Maple Pancakes

lunch - leftover buffet

supper: Coconut crusted Tilapia, roasted veggies, rice pilaf


breakfast: cereal or poptarts

lunch: sandwiches or leftovers

supper: out to eat

For more great recipes, go on over and visit Laura, here. Have a great Monday everyone.