Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Polar Express

Our family was given the gift of a trip on the Polar Express this past Sunday. Nana Lee Anne and Granddaddy had given us this gift and were going to go with us but due to all the snow they couldn't leave their home outside of Greensboro. We really missed having them with us but we had a great time on the ride. We went on the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad out of Bryson City.

K and the kids before we got on the train.

Nana Lee Anne also sent all the kids new pj's for the ride.

They love them!

We were on the "Champion Crown Car"

We got on board and found a basket of goodies waiting.

Everyone was glad to find these treats!

Especially B.

Watching as we headed out to the North Pole.

Once we got on the way, the conductor came through

to stamp our golden tickets.

Luckily, we all had ours for him to punch!

Then, the chefs brought out hot chocolate

with whipped cream on top.


Next came the marshmallow covered Santa's.

I think you can tell in the picture how much

B was really enjoying all of the goodies

on the train--He ate literally the whole time!

After a bit, we got to hear and see the story of

the Polar Express.

We eventually arrived at The North Pole and saw Santa standing outside waving.

Once we headed back from the North Pole we did some caroling.
in our train car.

The girls went up to help lead the singing.

B was still eating--

and making a mess.

Then Guess who showed up?!!?

Santa himself got on the train.

He talked to each of our girls and they

shared with him their Christmas wishes.

B loved him and went right to him.

He took the time to have a group photo with the kids.

And he handed out bells, of course.

We did some more singing while we made our way back from the North Pole.

We had a great trip! Thanks Nana LeeAnne and Granddaddy for this wonderful memory!

Ya'll have a great Tuesday. I am not excited about it, but I have to go to Wal*mart again today. I know it is going to be incredibly crowded. UGGHHGH.

Talk to ya'll tomorrow if I make it out of Wally World alive!

in HIM -


Deidre said...

We LOVED the Polar Express. So fun! Glad you had a great time. Those pj's are precious.

Linda said...

What a special gift you received. That train ride looked like fun. The kids were so cute and I loved the Pj's.

Christmas can be magical for children...and I think Nana and Granddaddy's gift made it even more so. ((smile))

Merry Christmas!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Because of Love said...

Wasn't it so fun! We love it too. However, I think y'all had a nicer train car than we did... but that's ok. Love all the pjs!