Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Last Thursday, I mentioned to you that we were going to get our Christmas tree. We checked our older girls out of school early and headed to another part of the mountains a couple of hours away from home. A and M knew that they were getting out of school early but they had no idea why. Once we were on our way, and they figured out where we were headed, they were very excited!
We were to meet some friends of ours at their house and go get a tree from their farm. We arrived a little early, so we got a tour of this school that is in the area. Is is a wonderful place and has a lot of wonderful 'friends' who make it a wonderful place to be for kids who can't be with their own families. The time came and we met our friend and went to the farm to get out tree.
It was 23* up on top of that mountain so we chose our tree as quickly as we could without
compromising on what we were looking for....

We finally found the perfect tree.
M and L watching as they cut down the tree we picked.

K and B ......
A decided to help carry it back to the car...
B decided that being in the 23* cold was not much fun.
I concur!

We got the tree home late on Thursday and because we had so much to do on Friday,
we didn't get it decorated until Saturday.
I really do love the tree, but since trees definitely look smaller outside
than they do inside, it is almost too tall for our
living room. SO, there is no room for the angel on top.
To be honest we need a new tree topper anyway, and
I'm hoping to get a pretty star of some kind.
But for this year, I will probably be adding a ribbon of some
kind at the top since there is no room for a star.
Here is a shot of the tree (minus the ribbon).
I think it looks beautiful!
Christmas Trees make me happy!!!!
Have a great Monday everyone!My to do lists are a mile long as I've a LOT more decorating and gift buying to do. (I'm very behind!)
In HIM -


Lisa said...


Faye said...

Mindy,Your tree is beautiful! Have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Cheryl said...

Your tree IS beautiful!!
I wish we could keep them up year around.
Merry Christmas!

Sherrie said...

You have a beautiful tree! I miss having a live tree this year.