Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Decor 2009

So, I thought I would document my Christmas Decor for future reference. There are a few repeats from last year because well,I'm lazy if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Let's begin outside.

This is the wreath on my front door.
A very kind lady from our church made it for us!
I love it!

A lantern sits on a small table.These are the decorations I did for it.

Behind that lantern, there is a snowman on the brick wall.

Another small table with another lantern.

My grapevine Christmas Tree sits by the door.

The patio table decorations:

I did two of these. One for each side of our entranceI love the way it looks in this picture.....Now, it doesn't look so hot --the snow weighed one of them downand it fell over. I had to redo them. They don't look as pretty anymore.

This is the Nutcracker wreath I made to go in my kitchen.

These are the decorations for the dining room table. Usually they aren't sitting this close together.

The wreath above the tv. It was originally hung on the mirror over the mantle.That is until it fell off taking everything on the mantle with it.

The mantle once it was redone. You can see the wreath in the mirror across the room. Safely away from falling and destroying my mantle again.

A closeup of one of the urns filled with ornmants. LOVE THEM!

And these are just a few of my other favorite decorations we have.
I heart these whimsical little
statues. One is santa andone of a snowman.

I think you can probably tell by now that I really like shiny things. This Santa is a tart burner. LOVE IT!

And this is my "Merry Christmas" sign!

You can check out my tree here if you like.

Hope you all have a great Christmas Eve. It's my 36th birthday. I'm kind of sad about being 36.
I feel like time is FLYING by......I seriously long to slow down and enjoy this life God has given me. I want to savor every moment with the people He's given me. AND I want to truly become who HE wants me to be. To fulfill the purpose HE has for me. To be the kind of wife, mom and just person He wants me to be. That is my prayer every night.

Happy Christmas Eve, ya'll!

in HIM -


Lisa said...

LOVE the decorations and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Wendy said...

Have a happy birthday! Merry Christmas!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Love all the decorations, especially the lanterns and the urns filled with ornaments. You did a great job. As for me, I'm just trying to survive the next few hours of prep work and then, hopefully, a good night's rest before the chaos goes full throttle.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May the peace of Christ rule in your heart in the season to come.