Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009 -- Part Trois

My sister and her hubby stopped by for an overnight stay on the way to see his Mom. We were excited to have them for a day and night! They brought gifts for the kids who were again very excited. This will be short and sweet today.

Uncle T helping B get his new
firetruck out!

As this was apparently the Christmas of all things
American Girl -- they got the girls the pets they asked for
for their American Girls.
A got a cat named Ginger.

L got a dog named Honey.

M got a dog named Sugar.
It's a little Yorkie.

The kids love to hang out with Uncle T.
This is what happens the whole time.

We had a great time with them. We have a very busy day today. B is running a fever so we are off to the dr. since it's been off and on for a couple of days. Hubs and I are attending the funeral of a girl from our church this afternoon - please continue to pray for this family and our church family. Then we are headed to GA to visit my family for a couple of days to celebrate the last of Christmas over the New Year.

Ya'll have a very Happy New Year! I probably won't be back til next week -- as we won't return until Saturday sometime. Be on the lookout though and pass the word on --- I have the honor of doing a giveaway next week so if you know someone with a baby girl -- up to about 24 months) tell them to be watching cause it's for them!!! OR you might want to win a gift! It is going to be awesome!


Mindy (deleted my sig. I wish there was an "un do button on here!)


Deidre said...

My goodness, Mindy! You've had a Chrismtas Marathon - haha! Looks like so much fun. Be careful while traveling. Happy New Year.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures!!!! You have about the coolest most detailed blog I have ever seen! I will leave a comment on Wed...Have a great day- J