Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm seeing a Theme Here

SO - after I had that whole day this week thinking about the depraved mind, Wednesday came.

And on Wednesday, the Lord showed me and spoke to me about what it is I need to work as far as 'changing my mind'. Let me just tell you about Wednesday.

On the way to my Women's Community Bible Study, I was listening to Greg Laurie and he said "Heaven is not for good people. Heaven is for forgiven people." I know -- you are thinking "duh - we all know that". And yes we do....but let's just continue shall we?

Then at bible study, it was all about Jonah and the Ninehvite's. You know the story. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh. Jonah didn't want to - told God no and ran. God on a boat-- a storm came-- Jonah says throw we overboard and the storm will stop. So, that's what happened and he gets swallowed by a big fish- sits in the belly for 3 days and then cries out to God. God has the fish spit him up -- and then Jonah goes to Nineveh and does what he was told to do but then he's mad at God because he didn't like the Ninehvites and he didn't think God should give them a second chance. So that was the big question. "Who do you need to give a second chance?"

Also at bible study, I heard the Lord say to me "You've just been playing at breaking free. Now you need to get serious about it."

And lastly, I came home this afternoon and did my Breaking Free study for today which had me practicing Beth's process of changing the thoughts in my mind to His Truth. And guess what the topic was that she had us practice with. You guessed it : "FORGIVENESS!!!"

SO! Looks like the Lord has in mind what he wants me to work on. See, I know WHO he wants me to forgive and I know that I don't really want to do it. I'm just being real here. These people. They've really hurt me and my family and in my own humanness I don't really want to forgive them. BUT GOD -- he has other idea's. SO, I will choose his way because it is the right way.
I am on a road to forgiveness. It may take a LONG time. But the Lord will be with me and I will keep trudging on til I am free!!!!

Ya'll have a fabulous weekend. Hubs and I are getting together with another couple who are also clergy. We are going out of town for a couple of nights. The kids are going to stay with my inlaws. SO, say a prayer for our safe travel and for my kids to be good....and for B to sleep so his Nana can get some sleep too!

Talk to ya'll next week!
in HIM -


Faye said...

Mindy, your post was a blessing to me.Please keep me in your prayers! I am getting better everyday!

Sara x said...

Have a wonderful time this weekend. I find that forgiving someone relieves your heart from the tightness that surrounds it. My main problem is forgetting. Take courage from the fact that our father forgive's us all.

Kandi said...

Girl, I am SO with you on this topic. I KNOW who, but it is hard. I think it is because I know (and you, too) that it won't be reciprocated like WE think it should be. Oh, Well, As long as we do what WE'RE told, right? Love you and your insightful thoughts!

Jenilee said...

Don't you love Beth's studies? Our ladies group did Breaking Free last winter. Loved it! thanks for sharing your thoughts!