Thursday, November 19, 2009

Should I be Concerned?

SO, this morning I was watching the news when they started talking about "Twilight". Now, in my younger days, I will go ahead and admit to you that I would have jumped all over this series. Because I was all over "Interview with a Vampire". I will also go ahead and and admit that I did read (and enjoy) the Harry Potter Series. I tend to think that as long as one realized that these are stories and FICTION -- then it's no big deal. I mean I don't believe in vampire or witches and wizards that fly on brooms. It is just a story the same as any Disney movie one might watch.
However, I was completely appalled this morning when I heard that this series had spawned a book entitled "How to Date a Vampire". I'm sorry? What? Obviously, someone believes in vampires?
I don't think that a book like that honors God at all.
So, now I'm left wondering -----
Should I rethink Harry Potter (my kids are NOT old enough for HP yet...)as well as the Disney movies I allow my kids to watch? Or as I tend to do--- am I being legalistic about it all?

I don't know..... what do ya'll think?


Lisa said...

I think that fiction is wonderful and should be portrayed as such. The boys LOVE Harry Potter and as much as they hate it, they know it isn't true.

Wendy said...

Tad has read the whole HP series to Drennan. They both loved it (I've only seen the movies). If I didn't think Drennan was smart enough to know it's not real then I wouldn't have let him read or watch it all. It is well written fiction and the author is extremely creative. Twilight doesn't quite hold the same on creativity and sure some people will do dumb stuff with it like say there are vampires out there, but people can do that with just about anything. I LOVE the twilight series because it's a love story. Sure it would be great if it was real (these vamps are nothing like Interview with a Vampire vamps), but it's not real. There are crazy people out there who will try and make anything look or seem bad. I once heard that someone thought the Wiggles were demonic. See what I mean?

Oh and I was forced, in a friendly way, to read Twilight, but I'm glad I did. As a side note, the fact that there are vampires is just a side story. The whole series is mostly about the love story. Fun stuff. : )

Oh and Tad and I were able to get swine flu shots b/c we are caring for someone under 6 months old.

I may be ordering some more hairbows for the holiday season!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog on a regular basis and I can tell you that you are an amazing mom, wife and woman. You wouldn’t be such if you didn’t labor over the influences in our lives, especially those we expose to our children. I too was extremely skeptical when my 60 year old mother gave me a “teenage vampire” book to read. After much convincing I decided to be open minded and give it a go. I remember hiding the cover in my doctor’s office so that no one would see what I was reading. Then the strangest thing happened…I found that I loved the book!! It was way more "Romeo and Juliet" than "Interview with a Vampire." Like it or not this series has the attention of our youth and it’s up to us as adults to use this tool to honor God. When you read the book you’ll find several wonderful points that we can discuss with the young girls in our lives and tie them into Bible. I myself have tried to parallel the Cullen’s choice to not harm people to the Prodigal son making so many bad choices and still changing his ways. It may be a stretch, but I think you should give the book a read so that you will not only have a great story to enjoy, but also and most importantly a way to connect positively to the youth I’m sure you find you dear. Use the book to honor God by bringing them to the Bible as a way to sort through so many of life’s difficult decisions.

Kim said...

Love your new blog! It is so good to visit you here again! Your kids are so cute!

I am very cautious about books, movies for my kids..and I, too, try not to be legalistic about it, but also knowing that what goes in the heart can change attitudes,fears, etc. Mike reads about every movie on plugged in(Focus on the family) before our kids watch any movie. It helps us make a good decision because they tell the positive and negative elements.

We have never read or watched the Harry Potter twilight...and I do allow some Disney movies for my younger ones, but not the really scary ones. I like the sweeter ones.

Now that my oldest is 17, we still monitor everything, but have given more freedom in choices...having said that, she has decided on her own not to watch these and sees reasons why they are not good or God honoring....we pray she will continue to make good decisions. She loves the old classics the best! : )

Ginger said...

I agree with Wendy & the Anonymous comment-er - especially when it comes to fantasy books like these. Thats exactly what they are - fantasy. I seem to think they are along the same lines as Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz. People can make something big out of the smallest things, sometimes, & I think kids are sometimes robbed of fun things because of this. I know you & know the values you have instilled in your children. I also think your kids are smart enough to realize these books are fantasy just like the Disney movies they watch.