Monday, November 23, 2009

101 Dalmatians

This past Saturday, A and M made their Theatrical debut in this awesome production...

They did a fabulous job! They were both dalmatians. A was one of the
Canine Narrators so she stayed dressed as a dalmatian for the whole program.
M got to be the dogcather at the end of the play and
drag Cruella off stage. So she had a costume change.

Here are the girls with Ms. Valerie, their teacher.
We LOVE Ms. Val! She is amazingly
talented and does a fantastic job with these kids!
(sorry for the blurry picture-- I very much dislike my camera sometimes.)

We had lots of friends in the show, too.
M's friend W was a Dalmatian, too.
M is wearing her dogcather costume in this one!

This is another friend, S, with A and M.

And, lastly - one of A. because I just this it is a good one!

SO, the girls had a great time in their first musical.
And while it was a LOT of work, I think I had fun too!
Ya'll have a fab. Monday. I have a million and one errands
to run and the ever present laundry to do
before going over the river
and through the woods to Grandma's this week!
Talk to ya'll soon!
In HIM--


Lisa said...

SUPER sweet! They are adorable!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

They make pretty adorable dalmations!!!!! Have fun at Grandmas!

Ginger said...

Thanks for showing photos!!! Great job on the costumes!! Can't wait to see you!

Deidre said...

So sweet. They look like they enjoyed themselves.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

The girls are beautiful..I know they did a great job! ONE DAY we are going to get together when you are home! Last week was one of the all time craziest on recent record.

Love you cuz!