Friday, October 16, 2009

Miss M says....

Yesterday afternoon, I took M to get her hair cut, so she and I had a bit of one on one time on the way home.

M said, "Mom, how do you think that God created light?"

Me: "I don't know M. God is very, very smart and I don't know how he created light."

M: "Well, I think he made the sun first, and then took a piece of it to make light."

Me: (Finally figuring out she means electric light) "He did create the sun first. But a man created light because God showed him how to do it."

M: Well, I think that he made the sun first and then took pieces of it to make the lights because it was too big."

If you stop by here this morning and read this, I have a dr. appointment at 10:50 today and I'm a bit nervous about it. Will you say a prayer for me if you can?

THANKS everyone!

in HIM -


Cheryl said...

I love the way kids think!

Hope your appt. went well. Praying for you!

btw, Just found out Paula Deen is on twitter. She'll be fun to follow! :)

Lisa said...

Belated prayers.

M is just TOO sweet!