Friday, September 4, 2009

B's 1st Birthday Party

Finally! I want to share B's first birthday party with you all! Here is a picture of his invitation. So we went with the theme and also keep everything blue and green.

Here are the little decorations I made for outside and stuck in the flower pots on the patio.

Next, we'll move to the inside decorations.....the cups.

The "Buffet" table

I *LOVE* the party hat I made for him to wear....

The cake! A wonderfully talented man from our church made it. On the inside it was Chocolate Cake and the filling was Chocolate Mouse with Raspberries! YUM!!

B's very own little cake with a whale on it!

B wasn't as fond of the hat I made.....we had to sneak it on while he was focused on cake.

SO much fun!!! I think he likes it!

Love this one! Both hands in the cake!

How B looked in the end....

Friends and Family:
Miss M

Miss R
Miss P
Mr. J

Miss L, Miss E, Miss A

Mrs. K and the O Show

Mrs. K and Mr A.

After a bath in the sink, it was time for Daddy to help open the presents. He loves playing with all his gifts but he wasn't too interested in opening gifts.
For Party Favors, we gave everyone a beach ball to take home and some bubbles.

I think everyone had a blast! Even the Moms.

Happy First Birthday B!!!
Thanks for letting me share!!!
In HIM -


Cheryl said...

looks like it was a great b-day!

btw, I've been meaning to ask you about google ads. Do you really make money from adding it to your blog? You cans end me a message of FB.

Lisa said...

YEAH! What a fun party and look at crafty you! GO MOMMA!

Wendy said...

What a cute little boy! Great ideas for a party. Love the beach balls. I love planning a birthday party.

Will you be at the festival this year? I probably won't cause I'll probably have this baby early.....but we'll see. :)

Ginger said...

Hate that I missed it!!! :( Love you!