Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miss M is Six!

My M. turned six on August 2nd, which of course was last Sunday. Since we had a day full of picnicking with the church, we waited until this past Saturday (the 9th) to celebrate with the family. We had a couple sets of grandparents over and M got to invite one friend to join us for the fun. M. chose to have a Princess Party (again!) and she chose a Little Mermaid Cake. Since the cake had her name on it, I decided not to post a picture of it, but over the years, Ms. M has had quite a few Disney Princess cakes! Here is her cake from last year and the year before. I don't have pictures of the ones before that but I'm pretty sure that 2 out of 3 were princesses!!!


After we had all enjoyed the cake, the girls couldn't wait to open presents. SO the ripping and tearing commenced! This is A helping M read her cards. What a great big sister she is!

M's friend, N, brought M the sweetest gifts. She brought an Annelise Barbie Doll and a necklace with an M on it. It matches the one N was wearing bearing her own initials. SO sweet!

The girls then had play time.....which of course, turned into dress up time! It was a great party!

Here are a few of the things I love about you, Miss M!

1. You are a Girly Girl! This year whenever anyone asked what you wanted for your birthday, your response was "anything girly!". You also loves Fancy Nancy! Remember this book you wrote for school last year?

2. You are my chatterbox! While I sometimes tire of hearing you say, " Mom! Mom. Mo-om?!!?" one hundred million times a day, I know one day I will miss that!

3. You are also my social butterfly. You loves to meet people and talk to people. I often find you having long, in depth conversations with adults.

4. You are incredibly concerned with right and wrong. You don't want to get in trouble and often do what you know is right even when your sisters are doing what they know they shouldn't. Which I guess means you aren't easily swayed either.

5. You lost your first tooth this year, M. You worked that tooth and worked that tooth and begged people to pull it until you finally convinced Mrs. Sandra (your teacher) to do it for you. You were so excited when you put that tooth under the pillow. And when I heard your wail the following morning, I knew something was terribly wrong.

6. You say the most insightful things sometimes Miss M! You where the one who told us that "God told you that B would be a boy." and told me that I'd always have God when you are gone...

And one to grow on.....

7. I love how you love people, Miss M. You love going to visit your grandparents and our friends in Belmont. You never want to come back home. And while the fact that you don't want to come back to our house makes me a little sad, I do love that you love people so fiercely!

I love you so much Miss M! I hope your 6th birthday was wonderful!


Have a great Tuesday all!!!!

in HIM -

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Stephanie said...

She is precious! Happy (late) birthday!!!

BTW: I have not forgot about email you. I actually have tried to a number of times but it won't go through when I try to do it through my hotmail account...

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